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  1. I got mine as a digital download, I think from a CrochetMe email. It definitely shows some interesting projects. It is definitely way different from what the main crochet magazines show.
  2. tygger428

    im back

    I lost my password some time ago, but thanks to help from Amy managed to get a new one, so am back again.
  3. tygger428

    Most clueless remark you've heard?

    Dumb remarks I've gotten: Are you making something for a baby? (Don't you think the LARGE afghan sitting in my lap is a wee bit big for a baby?) Crochet is too difficult, I'm teaching my child to knit instead. "Knit 1 Purl 2" Maybe not SAID, but it was on a handwritten knitting class flyer in my local Michaels "Must know how to knit and pearl" My late father was a sixth grade teacher, I took out my check book pen and crossed out PEARL and wrote PURL, couldn't stop myself (I knit as well, even if I didn't, I KNOW how to spell the terms...)
  4. tygger428

    What's the Worst Yarn you've ever used?

    I participated in a Caron yarn test several years ago. It made my hands break out and I never learned what kind of yarn it was. Still have no idea. I will KNIT with Homespun but not crochet with it. I will use Fun Fur, both only knit with it held together with the same color of a DK or fine weight yarn. I've used a ton of RH Super Saver. It is rougher than I like but holds up well for charity items. Caron Simply Soft is another yarn I've used a lot for charity purposes
  5. tygger428

    Any Northern California folks?

    I'm in downtown San Jose, as Mary Jane mentioned WAY upthread, Southbay Crochet meets regularly in San Jose. We currently meet the last Sat every month 10 to 1 at Le Boulanger on Lincoln Ave just north of Minnesota Avenue in the Willow Glen area. The only time it changes (usually to the 2nd Saturday) is during Nov and Dec due to the holidays. We've been a CGOA chapter for many years, and although we have changed meeting locations once in a while, we have been together a long time, and crocheters, knitters, spinners, fiber junkies of all descriptions & skill levels are always welcome. Often our meetings involve someone teaching us a new skill or working on a group project.
  6. tygger428

    I made the Cover of Crochet World June 2012

    I have admired your patterns for years:) Glad to find you here, I've been on C Ville for a while but lost my password. Thanks to Amy I got a new one so can return here. I started out as a thread crochet and still love the look of it. I was inspired to teach myself to crochet as a child by finding my maternal grandmother's steel crochet hooks.
  7. tygger428

    what else do you do?

    I knit as well as crochet. I am a history buff as well, and read either that or Jane Austen.
  8. tygger428

    new member

    I couldn't post on CVille for quite some time, but thanks to Amy, have gotten back in. So look forward to seeing what is new here. Am currently working on Betty's Tunisian tee, a pattern in Fall 2011 issue of Interweave crochet. I think it is finally working, after ripping and restarting more times than I can count.
  9. tygger428

    Who's on Ravelry?

    I am tygger428 there, just like here. tigger is always taken, so I usually opt for tygger LOL the 4 28 is April 28, my birthday.
  10. tygger428

    FINISHED! - One-Color Freeform Baby Blanket

    that is incredible work on that freeform blanket. Another list I'm on, the moderator had to stop the freeform thread there because it was getting mean, a lot of people thought freeform was "ugly". If they saw your afghan, they would think again before calling freeform "ugly". Some freeform IS kind of, well, not my cup of tea, but yours is really nice.
  11. tygger428

    Knitting in the Round Help

    I prefer to knit on circulars. I agre with the others, anything that can be done on dpns can be done on circulars. I have finished at least two sweaters I converted as I went from front/back/sleeve/sleeve/ sew it all together to in the round. I liked the results. One had long sleeves (I will do the sleeves in the round the next time around as well), the other had cap sleeves. I want to do the long sleeved one (tri cabled pullover, a coats and clark freebie) in different colors of RH super saver and RH symphony (mohair like), but cannot find the shades of these two yarns that go together as well as the Farmland super saver and Persimmon in Symphony did.
  12. tygger428

    Hi to everyone

    Welcome to CVille, ms marple. I have crocheted for 35 years and knit for 7. The big projects are a toughie to finish that's for sure. I knit and crochet while watching TV. My "day" job is working as a senior assessment clerk for my home county (Santa Clara County, AKA Silicon Valley) Assessor. I help create new Assessor parcel numbers for real property by locating their legal descriptions, and if the boundary is changing, creating new APNs.
  13. tygger428

    Hi, I just joined

    Hi and welcome, Doris Is it on the mfr's link below? http://www.elmore-pisgah.com/miscellaneous_patterns.htm
  14. tygger428

    Greetings from Al Asad Air Base in Iraq

    That is the best news I've heard all day (and on 9/11 too)
  15. tygger428

    Another Black Doily

    That is absolutely stunning, can you post the link here that you got the pattern from? You do beautiful work, doesn't look crooked to me at all. EDIT searched the posts here and found the "mother" page. here is the specific link: http://www.lib.ndsu.nodak.edu/grhc/history_culture/textile/elizabethdockter.html