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Auction Afghan- Finished, pictures posted #25

crochet smartcat

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FINAL UPDATE: I received most of the squares in wonderfully quick speed and have the afghan ready. Please read post 25 to see the finished afghan and check to make sure I didn't forget your name. Thank you everyone, I hope Teresa's auction is a huge success and was honored to be able to help in this small way for such a worthy cause.


UPDATE #2: Thank you for all your generosity and speed. I think I have enough winging their way to me and so will pull the request for any more. If you have some to send me that will be great. Any I get over what I need for the auction afghan will be donated to another good cause. Thank you all.


UPDATE:I would love if anyone else has time for this project to help out. I am still short 6 squares. I can do them myself but would really appreciate it if someone has time to do one or two over the weekend and send them.



I would like to do something to help Teresa with her Diabetes Fundraiser and so am putting out the call for squares to make an afghan.


Since the awareness color for diabetes is gray, I think I will use gray to trim everything. I think light blue and purple will go well with the gray so am asking for:


12" squares in light blue or purple in acrylic yarn. Please include a tag that shows your name and location.


There is not much time, so if you want to contribute a square, please mail it no later than March 8th. I will need time to assemble all the squares and mail it to Teresa in time for the auction on April 8th.

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Just a 12" square. Purple is fine, I'm not going to be especially picky with the short time frame. Please do not trim in gray, I would like to do them in all the same yarn, so that they match, since there are so many different grays out there.



Thank you, PM me when you need my addy.

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I didn't even see this posting until now. I had no idea what you were talking about last night when you mentioned that you were working on an afghan! I didn't realize it was for the auction! THANK YOU SO MUCH! This will be an awesome addition to the cause!


I am so blessed to have friends like I have here on the forum! Wish I could give you all a hug!:hug



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crochet smartcat - Do you still need more squares, or do you think you have enough. I can probably get one done for you and in the mail by the 8th. I have some blue and purple yarn. Let me know if you'd like me to send something.:hug This is a great thing you're doing.

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Tandy - I got mine done last night, but I'm working this weekend and Monday, so I probably won't get to the post office until Tuesday - that's the 7th. I checked my yarn stash - the lightest color blue I had was RHSS in Country Blue. I'd call that a medium blue. I hope it's okay.

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Sounds great Merlot. Although I thought the lighter colors would look best with the gray, I think any shade of blue or purple will work in reality. The 7th or 8th is fine to ship. I just am hoping to have most of the squares by next weekend, so that I have 2 weeks myself to edge and assemble all of them. Since the auction is April 8th I am hoping to mail it Teresa by the last week of March to get it to her a week prior to the auction.



Thank you so much to everyone for your generosity and speed.

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I think the country blue will work well with the grey. I think it looks like a grey-blue color.



I can't wait to see it when you have it all together. :manyheart Thank you for doing this. It's a wonderful cause.

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It is finished. Thank you to all of you most generous ladies that put other projects aside to get me the squares on the short deadline I had. Everything worked out beautifully, here is the finished afghan. [images are clickable]




For Contributors I have:

Coralie in Virginia

Renee in Texas

Melissa in Indiana

Charlene in Pennsylvania

Vicki in Washington

Judy in Washington

Fran in New York

Kathleen in Maryland

Alisha in Texas

Patty in Pennsylvania

Edna in West Virginia


If you sent a square and your name is not on the list, please let me know ASAP, since I am ready to mail it to Teresa.


Unfortunately Lora's squares from New Brunswick, CAN got horribly delayed in the mail, so I decided to use them in a project of their own.


th_0329003.jpg th_0329002.jpg


I lined the bag and handles with 100% cotton with an interfacing, so it is very sturdy. The bag measures about 15" square, has approximately a 2" gusset and the handles are long enough to go over my shoulder very comfortably.

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