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  1. This has been a slow going Thread:) Do you have any Idea's for your color yet? My sister did one in an off green and I though YUCK but when it was done it was quit pretty:)
  2. Welcome Jennifer, WOW 3 of these! I am still working one the first panel of my first one although it is a king size one. Do you have any Pic's?
  3. Nicole that is pretty! I am still working on mine fixing to dig it back out as soon as I have Christmas out of the way. Need to get this done by March so I can take it to my Brother-in-law when we go Visit. I am just now starting the Panel part. what is taking me so long if I am making it big enough for a king bed:eek (What was I thinking?) Deb, Nicole is right you should be able to do this one Just not in front of the TV. all counting. Let us know if you decide to do it, what colors will you use?
  4. This is a pic of the new one that Shay is making, showing us the new center panel she is making in this one. we tried to upload it herself but for some reason it wouldn't work for her. so here goes:) It has been a while since I have done it!
  5. and if I were you would be waiting for a year now :lol:lol they have fancy things so I wanted something different what was I thinking!! My sister Shay has started another one and I really like the center panel she is doing on this one and think it is what I am going to use also.
  6. Hi Nicole, did you finish yours? it has been a while for me and do not remember seeing a picture of yours:)
  7. how far have you gotten? love the color you have chosen.
  8. Would love to see photos:)) I am not sure about doing this for a baby would not be my first choice but in the end it is what you want to make:) I am in need of getting started on 3 baby blankets!! was 2 till yesterday LOL lord all these kids having babies!!
  9. I am still working on mine slowly LOL! I am making mine for my sister-In-Law and it is for her king size bed so it is big! I am just now coming into the panel between the trees. not sure weather to go by pattern or do like my sister did and change it:) will try to get a pic posted soon of how far I have gotten. you will enjoy making it:)
  10. I was following this one also till it quit:) I would like to start up again also
  11. Hi Tia, sorry to hear you are having hard times, will say a prayer for you:hug I to am having a hard time getting on track. I keep gaining and losing the same 10 pounds! Last monday I was 295.6 which was GREAT I have not seen that number in over 3 years. then this morning I am back up to 305.2 there are times I just want to throw in the towel and say to Heck with it all. But we keep going on:) :hug
  12. This was the easy square for Dec to do, where did you start having a problem? maybe we can help you with it:) Now the other square for Dec was not written to well. she had written Rnd 7 wrong. once I figured that Rnd out it went good:) now to find my Cord to my Camera as well LOL I have dec squares done.
  13. is that the one by Aurora? she has been turning out some pretty ones lately:) let me know if we are going to do it I would like to try this one. I am working now on the 2 from Dec, hope to get a pic up tonight
  14. This is great news on the weight loss :cheer good luck with your ketosis tomorrow:) have you checked on ebay you might be able to find them there. I have not seen them so not sure what you are looking for. I have heard there is a sew point system now at WW's I have done the points before and did good. guess it was back in 2002 I think I lost 46 pounds doing the points of course now I have gained back the 46 plus another 30 to go with it:(( Thanks for sharing the site. looks good WAY TO GO TIA!!!!:cheer:cheer This is good!! hope you get to feeling better
  15. Sorry he didn't like it. maybe one day you will get to try it again:) the one I am making is going to my sister-in-law. sure hope she like it!
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