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  1. Jessica How do I add one of your buttons as a link to my blog? Annie I am so sorry to hear you have been under the weather I have been down for over a week here also:( as soon as Christmas is out of the way i will get back to making scarves for you as well:)
  2. yes We do:cheer:cheer Plus i have decided to make this a 2 month Challenge so we can also do the wristbands and the Lap square also:cheer:cheer I will see what i can do also to help figure out other ways to get more scarves:think:think do you still need more scarves that the wristbands & squares?
  3. Ann Your box & package are on the way to you now:cheer got them mailed out on friday. I have the DC#'s if you need them. I have also posted a picture over on my blog:) Thank you so much for letting my group do a challenge for you! I look forward to doing it again this upcoming year also:clap I was looking over at the site and see that you are asking for different things now. is there one more than the other that you are in need of?
  4. Ann I have lost your address:cry I have your box and package of scarves ready to mail and can not fine your address any where:think please help me find you
  5. Annie wanted to let you know we are doing good with scarves for you:manyheart
  6. and it is the simply soft also:( walmart is so going to lose business if they get rid of all their yarn. we are going to have to go on strike :lol I was in AC Moore and saw their simply had gone up to $3.39:eek so pretty!! great work:manyheart
  7. one day maybe no business at all!! would that not be a blessing? as soon as the games are over i will get you a couple made and get back to trying to get you a few each month:manyheart
  8. Welcome back must be nice having a new puter to play with:lol:lol are you still seeing squares in your dreams :rofl
  9. wow that was fast!! I mailed it yesterday afternoon and forgot to post it for you. sorry I was only able to send one this month:( I will make up for it next month:) Hugs, sissie
  10. Ann I sent off another scarf for you today are you still getting enough? sissie
  11. Hi Ann, hope you get to feeling better soon. It is hard to kick these colds this year and in all this cold we are having!! I have two more scarves ready to head your way on friday when I go into town Hugs
  12. Ann did I read somewhere that you would rather not have fridge on the scarves? are am I crazy
  13. Afternoon Ann, you have two scarves heading your way hugs, sissie
  14. Good morning everyone, Ann I have Two ready to mail out for this month. I have till friday before I go to town so I might try to get another one in.
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