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  1. Hi Joooolie and Judy. I don't get on here much these days it seems. You guys will appreciate this: yesterday it was sunny and 80 in Austin. A very pretty day. Tomorrow there's a 60% chance of snow. If we get snow, it'll be our first actual snow of the year (even though there have been 2 separate days last Dec where we got about 5 minutes of snow flurries that disappeared almost before hitting the ground). We've had an unusually cold and wet winter this year, which I'm very happy for. It should mean we have a fabulous wildflower season, and maybe, just maybe we won't have such a brutal summer like we did last summer. Last summer I just about died (we had something like 65 days of 100+ with most of those 100+ being closer to 110, no rain for the entire summer, it was horrible).
  2. Shay that's really nice! You can really see the cabling nicely. I don't have that particular book, because doing FP and BP stitches is so hard on my hands that I tend to avoid doing too many of them.
  3. I only have 2 of the books, but I use them all the time. I made an afghan using squares from the two books, mixing them up (but each square is different), and oh, about a year ago, I had finished all the squares and decided to sew them together. And I got a few strips sewn, but then I put it aside. I really need to get that thing finished. It was meant to be for Project Linus, so at some point, I'd like to donate it (and by getting it out of my house, that'll give me more room for more yarn and other projects).
  4. sad to say I haven't done any work on my afghan since before I went to NY for vacation. I've been back a couple of weeks, and still haven't picked it back up. I think I need to make more of an effort, especially since I have all my yarn on my dining room table and at some point I'd like to get that back. With the Olympics on, maybe I'll do more. Our weather is in a real unstable pattern right now. Today is sunny and it'll be probably close to 80 (since it's already in the 70s and it's only noon) and we're likely to have snow on Tuesday. I don't know how much more cold weather we'll have, although it's not unheard that we get cold weather in March. I'd like to make more progress on it before it is more consistently warm, because I won't want as much to work on it then.
  5. Linda what you've done so far is so pretty! I really like the colors that you're using as well.
  6. It's just one of those things that it would drive me crazy, even if no one else would know.
  7. I know I'm late posting, but I'm still at WTD and YTD as 0. Part of the problem is that an afghan I'm working on, I had a significant problem that I had to frog 2 weeks work to fix, so I kind of went backward that way. And I'm getting ready this week to go out of town so I'm more focused on that. So I know next week will also be the same score. But at least I'm not buying, even though I did go into Joann's yesterday just to look (and all I did do is look).
  8. last weekend working on mine, I discovered a point where I'd turned the **** thing around, and was working on the wrong side, so I ripped out 4 rounds, which was about 10 days worth of work. I redid one round, but haven't done anything on it since. I'm going to NYC in a couple of days, so I doubt I'll get any work done on it until I get back.
  9. It looks fantastic. I'm sure kitty thought it was a present for him.
  10. I didn't get any work done this past week. It was really hot here as well (central TX), and I just wasn't feeling it. But a cold front came in last night, and it's nice and chilly and there are 2 football games on today, so I hope to get a decent amount of work done on it today and get some good pictures while I still have good light.
  11. I just checked and it is, although you have to go to needlework, then yarn natural fibers. The colors are more lustrous than shows on the website. Also, even though it's $5/skein, those skeins are quite generous and last forever.
  12. I like Sinfonia, which is a sportweight mercerized cotton, similar to Paton's Grace. With the difference that it is a lot more affordable. You can get it at Hobby Lobby, and it has great luster/sheen to it. It's one of my favorite cottons.
  13. I haven't posted in a few weeks, but I also haven't got anything to post. Still at 0 for both WTD and YTD. I haven't done much crochet the last couple of weeks, and I'm working with a bunch of pounders on a project so for each I'm just using a little at a time. But at some point I'll see progress.
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