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  1. I am glad I found this posting because my grandma told me the other day that she had bought two crochet covered hangers years ago at a craft show and wish she had more of them. SHe wants me to make her a few and I came out on line to look for patterns. I didn't see these ones. I might try one of these for her. I think she'd be happy with any of them. I tried sc'ing around the hanger and boy was that tedious!!!! Post pics of you guys get them made. I also think that these would make great gifts. I might even make a set for each of my co-workers for christmas next year--at least that is my i
  2. how many skeins of yarn did you have to buy to make the blended ones? I need to know before I buy yarn. Is there a pattern or instructions how to do the blended ripples?
  3. Just by looking out here I got hooked by all the color schemes people used. I see one and say "I want to make one like that...or OOoooo I want to make one like that one" LOL Wish I could crochet all day long, but there is something called life that gets in my way sometimes! LOL I haven't stitched a stitch in 2 days. That is unusual for me! Maybe tonight.
  4. Ok ok...I am doing major cleaning today. I am trying to declutter. In the process today I ran across a round ripple baby afghan that I must have started about 3-4 years ago. Not like me to not finish a project. I totally forgot all about it. I guess I can jump right in and finish this one. I must be doing the one that doesn't lie flat. I am going to finish up this baby one and then do a full size one next. Here is a picture of the baby one I started oh so long ago........
  5. Oh man the pressure out here.....lol How many oz of yarn does it take to make a full size one? I need to make sure I have enough of each color to complete a certain color sequence.
  6. Thanks MSMUSIC. You are tempting me! I have 21 squares left to make for an afghan I'm making for a wedding present! I can't stop now. The wedding is in September. Ok ok......now I have to go look at my yarn supply to see what I have and what colors go together. I guess it wouldn't hurt to do a few rounds, huh? shhhhhhh..... I really like the color scheme of Candy#### (I can't remember the numbers after her name) afghan. I need to come up with something like that. Very attractive.
  7. I shouldn't have looked at this thread! Because NOW I want to do a round ripple!! I can't though because I already have 2 afghans in the making. Ugh! I have visions of the colors I'd use too! Maybe in a few months!
  8. This is so clever and so simple! I have saved this pattern so I can put it on my to do list! Everyone's afghans look awesome! Thank you!
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