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  1. I got my Package today from turtlelvr and I couldn't be more tickled. as soon as i fugure out how to get the pics off this new camera, I'll post them. just a hint, lots of goodies and the happiest dinosaur i've ever seen.
  2. I've been having so much fun making amigurumi critters. this swap is gonna be fun.
  3. Please PM your address so I can send some caps I already have made and make more during the winter while stuck inside. thanks, Melissa
  4. the spanish tutoral was a loss on me, too. i'm making a capelet from the same site and the farther i go, the easier it is. so, i'm guessing it will make more sense when i get back to the shawl. i'll just leave one off on each side as you all suggested. thanks for your help.
  5. i may be making this harder than it is, and being it's the first time i've used this stitch, maybe i just need to practice with regular turns and once i get used to working the stitch, it'll make sense to me.
  6. that's the problem, there are no notes. look at this pattern http://www.crochetme.com/media/p/94721.aspx. maybe i should just make it a rectangle shawl instead of driving myself any crazier than i am.
  7. it was a single crochet in the round cell phone holder. i found the pattern and asked mom to make it for me. she said it was easy and for me to make it myself. and now i have a closet full of yarn.
  8. I'm at my wits end trying to figure out how to decrease on a shawl made with solomon stitch. i can't find a tutoral anywhere on the decrease technique. the pattern i have just says to decrease one knot on each row. i'm doing alot of backing up and trying, but my eyes are starting to cross here. i could sure use some words of wisdom. thanks!
  9. i've printed the pattern and i'm going to try to make one. if i can do it, i'll send you a PM. when do you need it?
  10. i've been a bad blitzer. i've been away for awhile and it's time to get back into it. i've got a couple of hats for the troops to send to vicki. pm'ed her for that. now, where do i go from here? i know i can't catch up, but i'll jump into the present project. fill me in, please. thanks, dazy
  11. sorry to miss so much of the summer, but it was pretty out. what was i supposed to do? i've got no willpower in the flower garden. but summer is winding down and this weekend, i picked my hooks back up and i'm going to get back to my quiltghan. i'm almost done with the around the world pattern. 2 more rounds of squares to make and then i'll have a total of 3 to sew together. i'm just whipstitching the squares together. hopefully i'll finish it before next spring . i'm making some other stuff, too. some cell phone cases, scarves, hats. just whatever strikes my fancy. but the quiltghan became a UFO and i surely didn't intend for that to happen. so, back to it. even if you folks have to give me a .
  12. hi, my name is dazy and i've been a bad crocheter.(shame, shame ). i was in this CAL last spring and also the crochet a quilt one. i was doing good. then summer came along. the only thing i have less control over than my crocheting is my gardening. i LOVE to work in the yard. so, the yarn and hooks got put aside for awhile and i went out to play. got a part-time job in a nursery and grew some herb plants to sell at the local farmer's market. now that things have slowed down outside, i've picked up my hook again and started making things. of course, by now the quiltghan is an official UFO and i'm going to get back on it this evening. it's so close to done i can see light at the end of the tunnel. it's either that or a train.
  13. Jimmielu, chemo-caps are on their way to you. and i got some camo yarn on clearance last week and printed out the pattern. i'll get started on the hats this week.
  14. swish!! that went right over the top of my head. glad you got plenty of help, cause i sure wouldn't be any. i have been working right along on my squares, tho. i'm on my next to the last group. then i can join the last 3 rounds and be ready to put a border around it. gee, sounds so simple when i say it. yeah, right . i'm trying not to look too far ahead. one square at a time. have a great crochet day.
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