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  1. Charlene

    Greetings from Pa.

    Welcome, I am north of you in Clarion. Sounds like a great group you are in! Charlene
  2. Charlene

    Red Heart Baby

    I need one skein baby blue and one skein white, this is pomp. yarn, has a silver thread in it. It is discontinued. Started a afghan , thought I had enough, and you know the rest, I don't . I am not on ebay. Thanks so much! Charlene
  3. Charlene

    Flying Disk

    Had there is a pattern for a gospel flying disk, a wordless frisbee in another words. Anyone have a good pattern. Tried to get one and it wouldn't download. thanks Am making them for the shoeboxes in Nov. Charlene
  4. Anyone near Brookville, PA? A group is forming to do charity work, we meet Dec. 4 at 7 pm
  5. Charlene

    Throw for a Good Friend

    So pretty!
  6. Charlene

    Not an Oven Topper

    Need a pattern for a friend for a Christmas gift. Crochet around a ring like you would for an oven towel but there is also two holes so it will fit over a knob like on your cabinets. Of course there is a large button on this. I think it starts with 12 double crochet on to the ring, and then 2 more rows of double before you start on the hole opening. Can't wait to hear from you experts! Charlene
  7. Charlene

    I'm new here

    Hi, from western PA. This is a great place to hang out! Charlene
  8. Charlene

    Simply Soft Seasons

    I need white 2901 to finish an afghan. It has a silver thread woven in it. I could really use 4 skeins, they are 2.5 oz. Any help would be appreciated! Charlene
  9. Charlene

    C’ville October 2016 tote

    Great tote! I would never attempt anything that hard! You really know what to do with a hook! Just got my turkey out yesterday, I love him! Charlene
  10. Charlene

    Hello from Pa

    I live in western PA, welcome! Charlene
  11. Charlene

    Warm Up America Squares 2016-2017

    What is T shirt yarn? Never heard of it. Am planning on going in May 2017, we want to go south anyway so a grat way to end our trip! Charlene
  12. That yarn might be Jeweltones by Coats & Clark, like someone said I think it is discontinued. I remember it from 20 years ago. Charlene
  13. Charlene

    Found Caron Cuddle Soft in Baby Green

    Do you still need it? Will go to my stash after I hear from you. Charlene
  14. Charlene

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Welcome! I live on I-80, western PA. glad to have you! chalrene
  15. Charlene

    Warm Up America Squares 2016-2017

    Tell me more about this tent sale! Just retired, want to put it on my bucket list for 2017, hubby goes to tractor shows, I want to go to a yarn show. Were they collecting for Warm Up America this year? Where in NC is it? Charlene