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  1. I was just given a bag of this yarn and asked to make toddler hats. Can't find pattern for sport yarn, just worsted wt. Could I could down a size in pattern and use 2 stands of this sport wt at once? thanks! Charlene
  2. Welcome, I am north of you in Clarion. Sounds like a great group you are in! Charlene
  3. Had there is a pattern for a gospel flying disk, a wordless frisbee in another words. Anyone have a good pattern. Tried to get one and it wouldn't download. thanks Am making them for the shoeboxes in Nov. Charlene
  4. Anyone near Brookville, PA? A group is forming to do charity work, we meet Dec. 4 at 7 pm
  5. Need a pattern for a friend for a Christmas gift. Crochet around a ring like you would for an oven towel but there is also two holes so it will fit over a knob like on your cabinets. Of course there is a large button on this. I think it starts with 12 double crochet on to the ring, and then 2 more rows of double before you start on the hole opening. Can't wait to hear from you experts! Charlene
  6. Hi, from western PA. This is a great place to hang out! Charlene
  7. I live in western PA, welcome! Charlene
  8. What is T shirt yarn? Never heard of it. Am planning on going in May 2017, we want to go south anyway so a grat way to end our trip! Charlene
  9. Tell me more about this tent sale! Just retired, want to put it on my bucket list for 2017, hubby goes to tractor shows, I want to go to a yarn show. Were they collecting for Warm Up America this year? Where in NC is it? Charlene
  10. You could put the washcloths in shoeboxes in the fall for Operation Christmas Child(OCC), they pack shoeboxes for children, three age groups, part of Samaritan's Purse. I too have been making washcloths for this event. Found three skeins of cotton yarn in mother-in-laws stash so doing them in her memory, usually get two washcloths out of a skein. Charlene
  11. Lovely, what is the size on the finished ghan? Charlene
  12. Are we going to have a meet-up? Panara Bread in Butler would work, they have a meeting room. Or do the girls closer to Pgh. have a better suggestion? I live in Clarion, was raised in Bethel Park, not afraid of daytime driving. How about Grove City Outlets? I work full-time so let's do this on a Sat. Charlene
  13. I grew up in Bethel Park, subburb of Pgh. Now I live near Clarion , along I-80. Charlene
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