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  1. I did a google search and this is what I found : https://www.mycrochet.com/crochet.html
  2. My daughter is 30 something and is a steelers fan . She is not into girly things. I bought her a tote from lakeside collectables and the snap is already breaking . I wuss thinking if I could crochet a tote it could with stand the abuse she puts it through. If anyone can help me please email me. Norma aka snbarclay
  3. it no longer avalible . I have been looking for the same . I did the letter A for my grandson way back when and now my grandaughter saw the pillow and wants her own and she is a letter C so I guess I am on my own for this unless someone has one they would like to share. Thanks
  4. My daughter is a big steelers fan can you lead me to the pattern you used ? It is very nice even though Ravens are my team. You can email me at mello120@yahoo.com thank you
  5. this is too cute and so simple to make . I wanted something different for a baby shower and this is it. Thank you for sharing the pattern
  6. On here back in 05-06 we did a cal for a flower garden , I have to replace some of the moffit but don't remember the pattern . Can anyone help?
  7. thank you granny square and spirit walker. I have googled and only came up with one site http://www.********.com/crochet/pat12.htm and I really don't want any thing frilly . Just a silhouette kind of dish cloth, am I making sense ..lol. I like to give my sisters something for Christmas each year and I thought about making some of these if they are not to difficult. Thanks for your help.
  8. I am looking for a pattern for a sunbonnet sue . Long time ago when i first joined one of the members sent me a sunbonnet sue and I can not locate it but I want to make some for my sisters for christmas. If someone could help that would be awsome:manyheart
  9. I don't think as a matter fact I know they weren't pockets because she was right beside me . I wish I could explain it the scarf was long and the ends had pockets somewhat but they were open at both ends and had a thumb hole. I think I might try to make one . If someone else makes one please share it .
  10. I was at church last sunday and a young lady sat down beside me and she had this scarf that had fingerless gloves attached . Does anyone know of a free pattern that I can get to make one with ?
  11. I was in church on sunday and the young lady that was sitting beside me had a scarf that had fingerless gloves attached to the scarf. I was wondering if there is a free pattern out there ?
  12. I was wondering if anyone knows of where you can buy Porcelian dolls to use for bed dolls. I hope I am making sense . I want to make a couple of bed dolls for a co worker who collects ceramic dolls so I have this ideal to make her a bed doll . can anyone help ? sorry I ment procelian dolls
  13. well its been a long time . I think I signed up back when it first came out .
  14. Hi I am from maryland also. Cecil County what part of maryland are you from ? Welcome:welcome
  15. wow those are really neat patterns thanks even though I wasn't looking for them but ,,,, its always good to know .
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