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Fidget Sleeves


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Mid Nov the Foundation from our senior community contacted me about making fidget sleeves for some of the residents in our care center. There are so many online to look at but I wasnt sure how safe and practical all the things were on them.  They need to be something that holds up to being laundered.  They emailed me a photo of one they got somewhere.  It was knitted.  You really need input about what the caregivers feel is safe for each individual resident.

I did research and these were the first two I made.


After looking at these she wanted them smaller around as she wanted them to stay on their forearm.  These fit my chunky arm.  She thought the beads might be risky for some.  She really liked the colors, curly cue, bells, and key ring.  She thought she had a couple of people that it would be best to not add the hard things and thought she would like a longer one or two so I made these


For the most part when flat they measure 4 inches across and 11 inches long.  I have been doing hdc in round.  Found a few hints to try to keep the joining seam for the round straight instead of slanted so practicing that along with practicing foundation sc to start them off.  Not worrying about even spacing all the way around on the bobbles or post stitches just concentrating on the front side.  Did a row of back loop only and then came back with different color and added row of sc onto the front loops.  I wished they had contacted me much earlier as I had to design them in a hurry. They wanted them by Christmas.  I made 20. 



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Wow Brenda! What a great idea for people needing to keep occupied. I would imagine something like this would work for children also. You did a wonderful job on all of them.

Merry Christmas! :ctree

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I admit it's the first time I heard about fidget sleeves. And Brenda, what you did is amazing! Lot of work, but how great you did! One more way of helping people while doing what we love. 

It's the perfect project for stashbusting too 😁 and I guess, good one as "on the go". 


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