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Santa & Mrs. Claus

Tampa Doll

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I know, I know it is early, but I had started these, stopped and made an afghan, then finished up the next day.

They are from Knit a Miracle https://www.etsy.com/shop/KnitAmiracle

They are normally done in ww yarn, but I did them in size 10 thread.  They are 10 inches tall with a 6 inch tall tree.  They were fun to make.

Santa and Mrs. Claus2.jpg

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Never early when you have to make the stuff.  This way you have it to enjoy for the holidays rather than trying to finish it before the holiday is over!!

I live in awe of you talents with crochet thread.  I've moved into loving the sport weight cotton with a B hook but the gingerbread man reminded me thread is just not my domain although at least I've gotten better with it over the years.

You have such an amazing talent with it.  Love Mr. & Mrs.

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