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To Encourage Everyone in Making Gifts for 2018


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I will be posting and sharing photos later this week I still have a few extra days before we celebrate Christmas which will be on Friday the 28th that's when everybody can get together due to conflicting schedules with everyone....( some family members have other places there supposed to be on Christmas).... also we've had an added guest so I need to whip up some Christmas gifts so that gives me a few extra days😁

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Sounds great jayashiangel,  does not matter when as you will all be together.

Just wanted to pop in before I start the day.

Getting all my stuff together to start next years gifts.

Have a great day everyone and Merry Christmas to all.

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Sorry this post is going to be heavily pictured . I'm doing this from my smart phone... I made some washcloths in various sizes, some scrubbies in white... along with a gag gift soap on a rope scrubby for my fiance who lives back east... I will also be sending him some little notebooks that I picked up that are hard-backed from the dollar store and then as a joke I found some cute stickers to stick on the inside so no one else sees...




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Here's a last gift for Christmas gifts that I had to whip up quickly... and when I mean quickly I was still working on it today and we're celebrating Christmas tonight LOL better late than never...

In my house stash of gifts I had a dual set of glass mason jars that were soap dispensers...

2 yarn cotton/scrubby yarn scrubbie

2  cotton wash clothes

2 scrubby yarn scrubbies

2 hanging towel rings

1 bar of homemade soap (re-gift)

1 small soap pouch

Sorry large pictures due to using cell phone.....







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On 12/23/2018 at 6:51 PM, Tampa Doll said:

Hi everyone.  Love all the cool gifts for friends a family.  Love the Farm bag. 

Gardener, we all have that one thing we try to get done, and just can't.  I do hope you start feeling better soon.

My room is now totally done and I can find things and it is much neater than when I started.

Here are some pictures.  I am minus some dolls that my neighbor took for a nursing home where her mother is.  She took one for her Mom and some for some other women who have no one.

Anyway, here is my room now. The last picture is of the new grey rug.




wow! You did a great job organizing it all!

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OK, then! I'll start a 2019 thread and ask Amy to close this one - so I don't accidentally post on the wrong one again😂

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