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Wire Detanglers

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I have been in a crochet boredom. I came across 2 different patterns for Cord Detangler for things like house holds wires or those ear buds you toss in your purse only to find wrapped  around everything in there and knotted.. How does it get a knot? and I knew right that then that this was perfect for what I needed to get me out of my slump as well as helpful but most of I see burning up my scrap yarn (that so badly needs used used up) and making a few dozen for Xmas 2015 for Xmas gifts for family members never to early to start on Holiday gift making..


Pattern one has a cool snap option/idea that is just perfect for what I need at home to keep those crockpot wires out of the way in the kitchen when cooking...


Pattern two is just as great for various button hole options to keep them wires snug and tight perfect for the purse or backpack..maybe even when you are running you could wrap in around your tank top to keep wire in place if you made then long enough to wrap..ideas I see many new ones coming my way....:O)










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What a clever idea, much cheaper (and more chic) than those annoying velcro ties.  And a scrapbuster for yarn and odd buttons too!

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What a great idea. Never would have thought of that and I ALWAYS have a bunch of assorted wires getting all jumbled up together. Thank you for sharing.

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