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  1. Thank you fellow crochet addicts, I have enjoyed the things you have shared so very much. I am honored to be in such great company.
  2. I know what you ladies mean by never leaving home without it. God has been so very good to me: I am a Stage 4 Cancer Survivor. But it was a long uphill battle. The days and weeks of treatment; hours and hours in waiting rooms for months on end--- before facing, going through, and having to recuperate from 3 surgeries would have driven me stark raving mad if I had not had 1st God there with me and 2nd my crocheting to keep my mind and hands occupied. It was such a familiar sight for me to be sitting there crocheting, people started asking questions and I began crocheting for others that I met.
  3. Oh, Real Deal, how totally blessed you are to have a stash, that large and that organized. I am so envious!
  4. ReniC: WOW!! WOW!! AND TRIPLE WOW!!! From one happy addict to another:I concede. You win! LOL! You are addicted worse than I am. LOL You get the trophy.
  5. LI Roe, I keep my crocheting in a tote bag. If I go out the door, it goes with me. LOL.
  6. LIRoe, Avon Lady and Greyhoundgrandma. It is so nice to have people who REALLY UNDERSTAND, as only another crocheter can.
  7. When I pick up my crocheting I can feel myself relaxing and letting out a sigh of relief
  8. I was just curious. I try to hide it from those around me, but I find if it appears I am not going to get to crochet any that day, I get ill and irritable inside. I can feel myself getting tense and grouchy for no reason other than there are so many other things (for instance, the stopped up sink drain of yesterday, YUCK!) crowding in my time that the opportunity to unwind and crochet is being pushed off my schedule. So, I have faced the fact I am a CROCHET ADDICT. If I don't get my daily "fix" of crochet for just a little while, I AM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER! LOL! Does anyone else out there have th
  9. I just took a closer look at your profile>no wonder you have favorite stitches. Wow. You've been in the "ville" since "05. I just joined April 15 of this year. Do you ever make hats and scarves? What is your favorite pattern for them if you do?
  10. I don't have a favorite stitch as yet. I love all crochet! Guess I've not been doing this long enough to have a favorite yet. My favorite part is figuring out new patterns. I make crochet hats, and scarves. And with each one I change and use a different pattern. To me, it's the thrill of figuring out the puzzle, whatever the stitch, and having it come together: something finished that I can wear that I made myself.
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