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  1. Welcome Neighbor! You're only about a two hour drive from where I live. I am a newbie to the "ville" too. Glad to see another NC Gal join the community.
  2. You ladies are just AWESOME! I am so glad I found you all. It is wonderful to be part of a community that truly thinks about and cares about the other members. Tampa Doll and Bgs you are both an inspiration to us all.
  3. Beautiful tote, and I love the stories you share about the colors and little segments of your life.
  4. Congratulations alp1...Hope to see a sweater you have made on show and tell soon.
  5. olg


    I love that. It's beautiful. And probably no one would ever notice the mistakes if you didn't point them out. They would just look at it and see the beautiful creation you have made.
  6. olg

    chat room

    Tampa Doll: Do you think there is any chance we might get one started again?
  7. I love the design and the colors you chose. Great design. Great work.
  8. Would it be possible to start a chat room on the "ville?" A place to talk to any other crocheters that happen to be on line at the same time, instead of posting a question and then waiting until maybe the next day for a reply.
  9. check out the giveaways on here, someone has some christmas ornaments books to give away, get your name in the pot, maybe you will be the winner
  10. Please add my name to the list. One of my favorite :"on the go" projects is Christmas ornaments.
  11. Amen to that, RealDeal. When I was a child, I would visit my grandmother. She was a crocheter too. She always told me, never spend your time making something that drives you crazy. And LOL she sure practiced what she preached. They had an open fireplace in the living room. One day she had worked and worked on a pattern with no success. Suddenly she said, "Humph, This is not worth letting it drive me crazy. " And do you know what she did next? Without another word, she tossed it into the fireplace and watched it burn to ashes before brushing off her hands and getting up to move on to something else. LOL! True it wasn't the safest way to teach a child about fire, but it sure was an unforgettable visual lesson on keeping the right attitude. She tried to teach me to crochet, but she was so fast I could never catch onto what she was doing. I bought a book and learned to crochet from that, but I have many happy memories of my crocheting grandmother. And I am blessed to have large pieces of lace that she made.
  12. Thank you fellow crochet addicts, I have enjoyed the things you have shared so very much. I am honored to be in such great company.
  13. I would really be interested in the book. The main thing I crochet is clothing or accessories to wear. I would love to have a book on how to make sweaters.
  14. I know what you ladies mean by never leaving home without it. God has been so very good to me: I am a Stage 4 Cancer Survivor. But it was a long uphill battle. The days and weeks of treatment; hours and hours in waiting rooms for months on end--- before facing, going through, and having to recuperate from 3 surgeries would have driven me stark raving mad if I had not had 1st God there with me and 2nd my crocheting to keep my mind and hands occupied. It was such a familiar sight for me to be sitting there crocheting, people started asking questions and I began crocheting for others that I met. I made crochet hats for the other patients who had lost their hair like me. I made hats for the nurses. I made hats for myself. It became part of my routine exam every week for my chemo Dr to ask, okay what are you working on this week? LOL. That's when I really began grabbing my crochet bag every time I headed out the door. Wherever I was, it was there beside me. And still is today.
  15. Real Deal, I never thought of it in the way you describe it, but I am like you I like to make "happy crochet" too. Something that makes me feel better not more tense, because I am doing something that is unappealing in some way to me.
  16. Oh, Real Deal, how totally blessed you are to have a stash, that large and that organized. I am so envious!
  17. Thank you one and all for your wonderful suggestions. God Bless You All
  18. Hi Everyone, I want to buy a crochet stitch dictionary. Is there one you guys would recommend?
  19. I forgot to add one more important thing. Since the process of crocheting is more important than what I am making, I hardly ever use the exact same pattern twice. One thing I love about crochet is occupying my mind figuring out the puzzle of a new pattern. If I do use the pattern again I will modify it in some way so it will be different. Usually I will move onto something new for my next project. The doing, using my hands and my mind, is more important to me than the finishing.
  20. My crochet perspective: 1st! I crochet to keep my sanity and get calmed down, whatever the project, whatever the yarn, whatever the color, whatever the size hook. First, it is the process of crocheting that is most important. I do it to relax and get away from the stress of life. 2nd! As a general rule, I choose my projects based on usability. I mainly do hats, scarves, bags, etc. Something I can wear or use. As for the colors; if it is for me, I choose colors I normally wear; blues and greens and cool tones. If I am making something for someone else, I try to use colors that go with their primary wardrobe. As for my yarn choice; since I am on a limited budget, I choose whatever is the best bargain and the most practical choice; that includes yard sale yarns, hand me downs from someone, and on sale yarns.
  21. ReniC: WOW!! WOW!! AND TRIPLE WOW!!! From one happy addict to another:I concede. You win! LOL! You are addicted worse than I am. LOL You get the trophy.
  22. LI Roe, I keep my crocheting in a tote bag. If I go out the door, it goes with me. LOL.
  23. LIRoe, Avon Lady and Greyhoundgrandma. It is so nice to have people who REALLY UNDERSTAND, as only another crocheter can.
  24. When I pick up my crocheting I can feel myself relaxing and letting out a sigh of relief
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