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My Amigurumi/General Show and Tell

Benjamin Dale

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So I wanted a thread to post all the projects I've done.
And I didn't want to make an individual thread for each item I've done.
So I'm just going to post them all here!
!!! Newest Project!!!
I decided to do a unicorn I saw once while browsing patterns.
And since I don't feel like putting it at the bottom of this post, I'm just going to put it at the top for now!
My first attempt at crochet/amigurumi:
It's inside out and the thread was a beast to work with.
My second attempt! I made a crochet turtle, because I tend to obsess about turtles.
And another with different colors: picture109_zpse4cfcda0.jpg
And then I found a better pattern for turtles:
picture110_zps8a304fa2.jpg That's just one of the many I made for myself and friends.
And then I tried to make a danish heart. Which turned out weird... But hey! I finished it... Sort of...
And then the penguin that I finished recently. Which doesn't look proper, but I'm glad I finished it.
--July 8 2014
I just finished another penguin pattern. This one is much larger!
And I made a simple 3D Crochet heart. It didn't turn out very good. I notice I have a hard time getting my stitches tight when doing decreases. And the bottom of the heart hardly makes a point, but that could be due to the pattern as well.

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Everything looks good, but I am partial to the last turtle.  He is just adorable.  I find I am still learning with the ami's.  They are fun to make.  Great job.

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My choice is the small blue, white and orange penguin.  I gave up on making those kinds of things a long time ago.  I had to make too many arms and legs to get a matching pair.  There are a lot of free patterns on the web.

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Nice video! Love all the Ami's, especially the turtle. Thank you for sharing everything.

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Great job! The improvement is noticeable. I have a tip for those pesky holes created by decreases. You may already know about it. If you don't, here's a link to a video:

I would just caution you to not lose track of where the next stitch would go following the invisible decrease. Until you get used to the look of it, you might accidentally stitch the following stitch onto what was the second sc in the decrease, thus doubling up stitches. You don't want that. HTH :)

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