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  1. My images aren't showing! Is that because of the forum? I'm checking into it, to see if my image hosting website is the culprit. I do not think it's the image host's fault. What'sa goin' on?
  2. I added an item to the list! I appreciate all your comments.
  3. So I wanted a thread to post all the projects I've done. And I didn't want to make an individual thread for each item I've done. So I'm just going to post them all here! !!! Newest Project!!! I decided to do a unicorn I saw once while browsing patterns. And since I don't feel like putting it at the bottom of this post, I'm just going to put it at the top for now! My first attempt at crochet/amigurumi: It's inside out and the thread was a beast to work with. My second attempt! I made a crochet turtle, because I tend to obsess about turtles. And another with different colors: And then I found a better pattern for turtles: That's just one of the many I made for myself and friends. And then I tried to make a danish heart. Which turned out weird... But hey! I finished it... Sort of... And then the penguin that I finished recently. Which doesn't look proper, but I'm glad I finished it. --July 8 2014 I just finished another penguin pattern. This one is much larger! And I made a simple 3D Crochet heart. It didn't turn out very good. I notice I have a hard time getting my stitches tight when doing decreases. And the bottom of the heart hardly makes a point, but that could be due to the pattern as well.
  4. Ok! I finished it. I couldn't stuff the wings, because I didn't do it right. Haha! It doesn't look amazing, but I'm glad it's done! Next~! I might do it again, to see if I can make it look proper, but for now I'm just going to tuck the pattern away, and work on something different. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/61123408/picture106.jpg
  5. Alrighty guys! I'm about to finish the whole thing up, after monthes of procrastination. Here are the beaks. Two totally different yarns, but they came out exactly the same. I just don't like the way it looks. But I'm putting it on regardless. I just want to finish this project. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/61123408/picture105.jpg After this... I think I'm going to start a thread showing all the projects I've done so far. And I'd definitely like suggestions on projects that others have enjoyed.
  6. Ooooh! That makes sense now! I'll post my results so you guys can see. -- Update! Uh... I don't like what I've created so far. It honestly looks too big to me. I feel like it should be smaller... I'm going to keep trying. :/
  7. So I recently started crocheting, and I love it. But I started out with youtube tutorials and haven't really done much except basic rounds in Amigurumi. I've been trying to expand my knowledge and capabilities with learning new patterns and such, and I just have a couple questions! I've been trying to make this Amigurumi penguin for a friend, and I've done alright up till the beak. I'm not entirely sure what it's asking me to do in the first round. It wants me to chain 3, and then do all these other things. But to me, it's acting like there is more than those three chain stitches to work with. And I'm a bit confused. Any help would be wonderful! -Ben
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