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Late Night, couldn't sleep square...

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LOL the title says it all, not sure what I'm going to do with it.   One of the things I hate (own personal pet peeve here) is when I make a square and it doesn't hold shape...I call it going wonky on me. So, after I crocheted the center swirl, I added a row of popcorn and several single crochet rows to shape it up.....now....what to do with it?  Colors were just what i had on hand laying on the computer desk...LOL


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I think the popcorn stitch does not really show off.

A few minutes ago I posted a runner, the pattern is called Frech Garden and it has also some popcorn stitches.

Please look it up and tell me your opinion.

Thanks in advance and best regards from Vienna.


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:manyheart  it! I printed out a swirl pattern but never got around to trying it. What size is it (inches) :think ? Make a few every time you have scrap :yarn , then make an afghan. I've gotten up in the night and :crocheting when I couldn't get to sleep. I've created some original designs that way. I made a square with a happy face in the center and made a few afghans with them. I think of it as happy dreams afghan.

Ellie 13

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