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  1. My 12 yr old was looking at my FB pages concerning crochet and was appalled to see a bunch of women downgrading the circular knitting machines as being "useless" (we have the Addi kitting express and several other less expensive machines). She decided to prove those people wrong. Attached please see a blanket made with 10 tubes which are 83 rounds in length on the addi. I slip stitched the ends of the tubes, single crocheted down each tube and the joined the tubes with a slip stitch. The enitre blanket has 1 single crochet around it, a row of double crochet, then about 10 rows of alternating front post stitch and back post stitch. The border helped to give the blanket some weight and kept the tubes from stretching (knitting being much more stretchy than crochet). I told her I'd be posting this as being a "joint project" with my 12 yr old daughter being the main contribution. This blanket is very soft and warm (thanks to the tubes providing a double knit). Thanks for looking ladies and gents and have a fabulous day.
  2. Love It.....LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT......
  3. Yes, its not made with baby yarn....Sweet Roll is a worsted weight.
  4. Premier Yarns Sweet Roll in "Frosty Swirl" using 4 skeins with a row or two in-between each skein of Red Heart With Love "Blue Hawaii"....then used the Blue Hawaii as the border. The pattern is the "Blanket Stitch" by Robin Beers....super easy pattern (free you can look it up on Ravelry)....makes a tight blanket and depending on your tension - very few holes for little fingers to get caught in....I kind of mindlessly crochet this particular pattern while binge watching TV series (Stranger Things was this blanket with my kids)....this was fun to do.
  5. Its 2 rounds of single crochet, then 1 round of double crochet, then 5 rounds of alternating front post double crochet and back post double crochet, then 2 rounds of single crochet, and finally 1 round of the crab stitch (reverse single crochet)
  6. Here is the border: Its 2 rounds of single crochet, then 1 round of double crochet, then 5 rounds of alternating front post double crochet and back post double crochet, then 2 rounds of single crochet, and finally 1 round of the crab stitch (reverse single crochet) And the body of the blanket was from a youtube video:
  7. Decided to use the Bernat Pop that I bought for a baby blanket - non traditional colors......reminded me of my California Sunsets I grew up with. Yarn is Bernat Pop (bought at walmart), pattern is the Marshmallow Stitch....see youtube video by girlybunches.....and the border is my own design. Hope ya'll enjoy it, was fun to make.
  8. It is a coral....I've amended the post and shown the actual yellow....
  9. Ah no folks the color of the blanket is called Sugar Coral. I was saying that I "also" got color that is called "My Sunshine" which looks like a very weak pale goldy kinda yellow....will post when available.
  10. Well folks, I've been blogging about buying yarn at the Dollar Tree for $1 a skein. By happenstance, I found some Caron Simply Baby (very similar to Caron Simply Soft) in Baby Blue (85 skeins), Sugar Coral (49 skeins - see attached photo of finished blanket using 10 skeins) and My Sunshine (my daughter took one look at this color and said it looks like Urine - its a very strange looking yellow.) I've also happened upon some Bernat Roving in Bark which is a 80% acrylic and 20% wool blend. I have yet to work with the Roving yarn, but its a delight working with the Caron Simply Baby - which I had never used before. The actual pattern for the blanket is The Blanket Stitch by Robin Beers which you can find on Ravelry for free. The border is a combination of 2 single crochets a row of double crochet, then 10 rows of alternating front and back post stitches, 2 more rows of single crochet and then a last row of the crab stitch. Also, someone askedme how many skeins it took for the blanket - about 10 skeins with each skein being 100grams.
  11. As always Ren, love your stuff. Beautifully done!!!!
  12. LOL, nope, no secret. Its a program/website called picmonkey......that particular photo already had a gradient from creme to white (the yarn is Lion Brand Ice Cream - Strawberry) it was shot on a white sheet, but the edges looked horrible so I threw whats called a dark edge on the picture (looks black unaltered) and changed the color to a light pink, then threw a border around it. Picmonkey is a fun program to play with.
  13. I cannot take credit for the way the colors turned out...LOL Its a long line gradient from Lion Brand called Ice Cream (color is strawberry) I just kind of arranged them from light to dark. The yarn is a yummy to work with as its name.....
  14. JusOneKiss

    Bed of Roses

    This blanket has been on my to do list - half completed since the designer first made the pattern available. Since then, I have unfortunately developed fibromyalgia and it affects my shoulders and hands....so crocheting is getting to be a bit more difficult and I poop out far faster than I ever used to. My fear is that one day I won't be able to crochet at all....so I'm in a hurry to finish off all of my projects that I have 1/2 or 1/4 or even barely there started....this is one more off my list. The pattern is really well written and easy to follow. I enjoyed making it and didn't even mind all the ends I wove in. I did fudge my own border and I'm rather weird about them. I can't stand wobbly borders on my stuff....love it on everyone elses - all the delicate pretty ruffles, but I can't seem to get mine the way I want, so I go with flat - no wobbles allowed. This border was ripped out twice to get the effect that I wanted. Hubby was so freaking wonderful that my christmas present today is unlimited time to crochet while he cooked the entire christmas dinner, ham and a deep fried turkey, with all the fixins......I'm so darn lucky in the hubby department.....cheers everyone!
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