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  1. My book "fadenkunst" in German is on the market now. My first and only presentation in 2018 will take place in my native town in St. Andrä im Lavanttal on Thursday, November 29th. This is the invitation:
  2. Veronika Rohrhofer

    PK’s Spellbinging in sewing thread. My first size 50 project.

    With this post I only relized that you have used sewing thread! I thought you have thaken crochet thread size 50! Well done! I buy the fine 0,35 hooks online in Germany at: kloeppelkiste.de
  3. Veronika Rohrhofer

    Oval doily in Elisa thread size 20

    It is petty! With crochet thread a size 0,50mm hook is perfect. If you would take a 0,35mm hook you would break it in an instant (I made this experience a few times and I also ruined some, which fell on a hard floor! I never have any problem with the Gütermann sewing thread C Ne 50 (100% cotton) which of course is much finer than any crochet thread (DMS, ELISA, ANCHOR etc.). In some of my previouse posts you can see the size differences regarding the outcome of a doily.
  4. Veronika Rohrhofer

    Oval doily in Elisa thread size 20

    Hi Marti, had to make this doily in thread size 20 as it was a present for my sister in law. She wanted something compact for this big oval table which she could just push aside when the table is not used by the whole family including myself when I am a guest in their house! By the way here is one of my latest, the pink whirlpool centerpiece done with variegated Gütermann C Ne 50 sewing thread in the colour of gold-beige-brown. The doily has 53 rounds and measures 27cm (10,5inch) in diameters. My book "fadenkunst" is now available on the market and I will have the presentation of the book in my native town in St. Andrä.
  5. Veronika Rohrhofer

    Oval doily in Elisa thread size 20

    Dear Marty, I am honored by your comment, but what the hell do you mean by "The heresy!"?
  6. I am very happy to let you know that my book "fadenkunst" will be published by mid November. If there will be a demand for English, I hope to be able to translate it by summer next year. The title will be "thread art" and much of my work is shown inside as well as my graphed pattern of the cover doily. COVER-rohrhofer-2018.pdf
  7. Veronika Rohrhofer

    Playing with Gütermann C Ne 50 colors

    When I crochet a doily pattern like the one in the pic I love to play with a variety of colors. So far I like the middle one best! I have used Gütermann C Ne 50 sewing thread and a TULIP hook size 0,35mm. The size of each doily is 17 cm (6,6 inch) in diameters. Will be making some more because they are a nice little present and the size is perfect for a DIN A4 glass frame.
  8. Veronika Rohrhofer

    Invitation for my crochet exhibition in St. Andrä, Austria

    Barbara, this exhibition was very successful. I displayed about a third of my sewing thread work. People were admiring my work but nobody wanted to attempt to also use the sewing thread. I posted a few photos in a separet post.
  9. Veronika Rohrhofer

    A few more Gütermann C Ne 50 doilies

    Thank you! I graphed the pattern of the purple one (3D doily) for my book "Fadenkunst" wich will be published in German soon. Will translate my book into English ("thread art") later on.
  10. Veronika Rohrhofer

    A few more Gütermann C Ne 50 doilies

    I have made a few more Gütermann sewing thread doilies recently.
  11. I have used my handwritten notes from 2015 (when I first tried the 3D pattern by reversed engineering) to make this doily with black Gütermann sewing thread C Ne 50 and my TULIP hook size 0,35mm. I have made it several times since, always a little different to improve the outcome. I have also crocheted an extended version and this time I did also changed the last round,. I am still not happy with this (my own) pattern as I would like to publish it in my book. Here is the new black one and also the extended version in cream Gütermann sewing thread C Ne 50.
  12. Veronika Rohrhofer

    Oval doily in Elisa thread size 20

    After ages of using Gütermann sewing thread I have made this oval piece as a present for my sister in law. I hope she will like it when she comes back from her Cruise. May be I will make it in sewing thread for myself.
  13. Some local dignitaries attended the opening ceremony. I can also report that male guests admired my exhibited work! I don't have any pictures of the various arranged color isles and the showcases myself as the reflection of the glas was too bad with the camera on my mobile phone. Photos were taken by some Austrian newspaper photographers and will be published along with an article in the next few days. I managed to get hold of a few pictures taken by my brother which I am attaching here. Only one of my sewing thread motifs table centers is being displayed and one lady said: I thought it was made of plastic (I consider this as a compliment). Of course I was wearing my 600 motifs sewing thread shawl which wone first prize at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney this year. Now I am being referred as an "Artist" which I think, doesn't mean much in my country.
  14. My crochet exhibition will be from June 22nd until September 8th, 2018. The opening for this exhibiton takes place on June 21 at 18:30 hrs. Sorry, this invitation is in German only! Do wish me success as it is the first one for me and also with this topic. Einladung zur Ausstellung am 21. Juni 2.pdf
  15. Veronika Rohrhofer

    A good example for various thread sizes

    I have made this pattern over and over again but for the first time I have used Gütermann sewing thread C Ne 50 and my TULIP hook size 0,35mm. I like to compare the outcome of various thread sizes. For the doilies in the picture I have used Elisa thread size 20 in ecru, DMC thread size 80 in ecru and Gütermann sewing thread C Ne 50 in cream.