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  1. Here are some patterns which I have made for the first time. As usual I have used Gütermann C Ne 50 sewing thread and a 0,35mm TULIP hook.
  2. This pattern has 38 rounds and each doily measures 10 cm (4 inch) in diameters. I have used Gütermann sewing thread C Ne 50 and a 0,35mm TULIP hook.
  3. Thank you! And no, I just have my reading glasses which I also need for the computer.
  4. I have made these Gütermann C Ne 50 sewing thread doilies recently. This pattern has 45 rounds and the blocked doilies measure 27 cm (10,5 inch) in diameters. The pink one is my favorite.
  5. I have used Gütermann sewing thread C Ne 50 for this motif table center. Alltogether I have made 1225 little motifs. This piece measures 85 x 85 cm (33,4 x 33,4 inch).
  6. I have made quite a few new Gütermann sewing thread doilies in variouse colors lately.
  7. I had the pleasure of receiving the pattern as a pdf-file from Mrs. Jeannie Kious, the designer of the "Grape Hyacinth" . I have made her written pattern with a TULIP hook size 0,35mm and Gütermann sewing thread C Ne 50 in gold. This pattern has 26 rounds and measures 19 cm (7,5 inch) in diameters.
  8. Here is a photo of the doilies I made lately to be given away. I might use this pic in my English book I am working on.
  9. You cannot imagine how excited I was when I found out that my "Delicate Crochet Table Center With 484 Motifs" was displayed in the Standard of Excellence cabinet. 2019 I have been awarded twice with the first prize and Standard of Excellence for my work.
  10. I am very excited about the fact that this year again my delicate sewing thread doilies have been awarded with Standard of Excellence and 1. Prize at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney which opens this Friday.
  11. My book "fadenkunst" in German is on the market now. My first and only presentation in 2018 will take place in my native town in St. Andrä im Lavanttal on Thursday, November 29th. This is the invitation:
  12. With this post I only relized that you have used sewing thread! I thought you have thaken crochet thread size 50! Well done! I buy the fine 0,35 hooks online in Germany at: kloeppelkiste.de
  13. It is petty! With crochet thread a size 0,50mm hook is perfect. If you would take a 0,35mm hook you would break it in an instant (I made this experience a few times and I also ruined some, which fell on a hard floor! I never have any problem with the Gütermann sewing thread C Ne 50 (100% cotton) which of course is much finer than any crochet thread (DMS, ELISA, ANCHOR etc.). In some of my previouse posts you can see the size differences regarding the outcome of a doily.
  14. Hi Marti, had to make this doily in thread size 20 as it was a present for my sister in law. She wanted something compact for this big oval table which she could just push aside when the table is not used by the whole family including myself when I am a guest in their house! By the way here is one of my latest, the pink whirlpool centerpiece done with variegated Gütermann C Ne 50 sewing thread in the colour of gold-beige-brown. The doily has 53 rounds and measures 27cm (10,5inch) in diameters. My book "fadenkunst" is now available on the market and I will have the presentation of the book in my native town in St. Andrä.
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