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  1. The German ANNA Magazine published one of my table centers in their February 2022 issue. I was surprised and I am very happy about this display. They even call it "our masterpiece". The instruction diagram is in a separate part of the Magazine.
  2. Thank you for your effort of posting the Google Translation, which is not very good! The main part of this article is my yellow 3D doily with the title "Let the Sunshine in"!
  3. I have made some Christmas ornaments with the same pattern in various thread sizes. Starting from thread size 20 (yellow), a Gütermann polyester thread (red) and in white: #60, #100 and Gütermann C Ne 50 sewing thread.
  4. I just finished a second cream doily using Gütermann C Ne 50 sewing thread and a 0,35mm TULIP hook. A few years ago I made the same pattern in ELISA thread size 20 which measures 28,5 cm (11,2 inch) and many different color variations in sewing thread. The small doilies come to 13,5 cm (5,3 inch) in diameters. I currently have 27 doilies with the same pattern.
  5. I have made this doily with Gütermann C Ne 50 sewing tread in yellow (Col. 688)and my 0,35mm TULIP hook. It measures 38,5 cm (15,2 inch) in diameters
  6. I like a challenge like crocheting picots with the black Gütermann C Ne 50 sewing thread. This pattern (called "pink whirlpool centrepiece") has 53 rounds and each doily measures 21 cm (8,2 inch) in diameters.
  7. I have made my smallest (16 rounds measure 11,5 cm) and my biggest (59 rounds measure 45 cm) doily from the Japanese Pinapple Lace book. For both I have used the Gütermann C Ne 50 sewing thread in cream and my 0,35mm TULIP hook.
  8. Now I have made this lovely pattern from a Japanese Pineapple Lace book in red and blocked it on top of the cream one made a few weeks ago. I think my crochet work has a "machine made caracter".
  9. As usual I have used the Gütermann C Ne 50 sewing thread and a 0,35mm TULIP hook.
  10. Oh, yes, for comparison reasons, I would love to try the size 200 crochet thread with my two patterns.
  11. I never had to wash any doily which I made! Even the "big" table centers. Now I am just about to finish a black Gütermann C Ne 50 sewing thread doily. I have to admit that it is quite difficult to work with the black thread as you need so much light. Made a nice pic a few days ago.
  12. I would be ready to try anything finer than 200. I have a good comparison for crochet thread 150 (J&P COATS) to my usually used Gütermann C Ne 50 sewing thread.
  13. I never had a chance to get a crochet thread size 200. I would think it equals the size of the Gütermann C Ne 50 sewing thread which comes in so many colors all over the world. Perhaps you could try to work with the Gütermann C Ne 50 sewing thread and compare it to your 200 crochet thead. By the way I am usig a TULIP hook size 0,35mm.
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