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Mug cozies


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I've created these for a charity auction to the Brain Injury Association of Maryland.


They are made of thread. I bought the Hello Kitty things at a mall store; they already had velcro on them, so now if the cozy gets soiled, it can be washed.


Regretably I learned that cotton is not good for a cozy. Stretches too much. I ended up buying swim suit elastic/rubber and sewing a round near the top so the cozy can cling to the mug.


With permission from the charity, I sent their logo to Spoonflower and bought a yard of cotton with the logo. The logo was then stitched onto the bottom of the mug cozy.


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You really went all out to make such a beautiful, professional set! I would bid on them! You should really be proud of these. I know they will bring a nice donation to the Brain Injury organization!

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