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Is there a such thing as a 4 mm hook?


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I need a 4mm hook. My F hook is 3.75 mm and my G hook is 4.25 mm. Trying to get proper gauge for a baby sweater, I'm slightly too small with the F and too big with the G. This is far from the first time I've noticed a need for "between" size hooks. I know there are British hooks in some sizes American hooks don't exist in. Is this one of them? Does anyone know where I can get one, if so? TIA

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:think :think :think As far as I know, there is not anything available, we do not even have a 4.25, just 3.25, 3.5, 3.75, 4mm, 4.5mm 5mm, 5.5mm. I think it was from when we went metric, they just matched up the metric sizes with the old sizing.


Use the larger hook because babies have a habit of growing so, bigger is better than smaller. If it is a bit loose and stretchy, that is not a bad thing, as they will wear it longer.

If you do want it to fit now, use a smaller size of the pattern.

Have fun.


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Red Heart has a brand of plastic hooks called Crystalites - their G hook *is* 4.00 mm. Now I will warn that these hooks aren't particularly sturdy, my J has a crack through the finger rest, so I don't use it any more. But if you're looking for 4mm, they are out there. Also, for a sturdier (though way more expensive) hook, I believe greydog's G is also a 4.0 mm.



Hope that helps!

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Yeah, now that you mention the Crystallites I can tell you I've already managed to break that G hook. :laughrollBleh.


I did a Google search & saw a couple online...

Yarn Store.com has Clover bamboo hooks, which lists their F as 4mm, then right below that Pony Pearl crochet hooks, which look plastic, have Gs labelled 4mm. Apparently the F=4mm thing is common to the Clover brand, because there's another type on the same page with that measurement...And then to make it even better, the Addi brand below that has an E/F that's 3.75mm and an F that's 4mm. :think


Methinks there needs to be a very large disclaimer in how-to-crochet books with the reminder that not all hooks are created equal! (There might be, I don't know, I learned how to crochet years ago from a book published by the people who make Boye hooks. ;))

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These are Aero brand; a bit like Boye in that they are not inline like a Bates hook. The finger rest is more forward than a Boye which is one of the reasons I like them. They have a more flattened hook than the Boye and a wider hook. Very similar to the old Hero brand.


I have bought a lot of these from Canada. They ship quite promptly.



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Yep, we have 4mm hooks here in Canada. I have a Susan Bates one. The Crystallite ones are pretty, but I am not crazy about them. My 5mm and 6mm ones had ridges where they were attached and I had to file them down, which makde them look yucky, and didn't work that well. Also I broke a 4.5mm one very easily. I like my Red Heart and Bates hooks best.

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As per this link:


the CYCA is trying to bring unity to yarns, hooks, needles and patterns by standardizing the industry. Boy! That would be welcomed.


As far as hooks and needles are concerned they should be marked with both the Letter AND Metric size for less confusion. In that way you surely would be able to find your 4mm hook.

Here's what the CYCA would like to see:



Right now and if new packaging is not in effect... a Boye G is 4.50mm; a Bates G is 4.25mm. Yet, by the linked chart above a G should be 4mm.

A Boye G now can really be used as a G+ which is 4.5mm (or otherwise known as a 7).

Confusing, isn't it?


I have to agree with one above: I love AEROS when not using my wooden correctly sized hooks...

Hope the above helps... :)

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I just pulled some hooks out of their projects so I could line them up and have a good look at the mm's. They are all Bates and are all older, except the #7 which I bought within the last couple of years.


F 5 / 3.75 mm


G 6 / 4 mm


7 / 4.5 mm


H 8 / 5 mm


A few years ago I noticed the big gap between the G and H, and I finally put 2 and 2 together. The #7 hook fit there, which got passed over somehow when the lettering was done, but I remember it had been my Grandma's favorite hook. The companies stopped making them for years, but they are available again, and are a very handy size.

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