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  1. Wow, that is a gorgeous square! Thank you for sharing it!
  2. Kristie, they are SO cute!!! Thank you so much for the pattern!
  3. I've made the afghan and I liked it enough that I'd like to make another. I ended up with some leftover yarn, so there is definitely enough to complete it.
  4. I'm doing a little of both this year. I am making a box of ornaments for each household in our family, and making some things like dishcloths, hats, mittens and other personal gifts like that.
  5. Beautiful afghan! I'm making one of these right now...in Deep Periwinkle. I agree with what the Customer Service rep said, if you get gauge then you don't have to worry about running out of yarn as they do include extra. I've made a sweater from a kit that I bought from them, got gauge and had 1 1/2 skeins left over.
  6. I made one of those afghans too and I know how good it felt to finally finish it! Yours looks awesome and I love the little slippers! Your grandnephew is sure to love it!
  7. Yes, empty nest is harder than we ever think it might be. My hubby was a great help to me in much the same way and pointed out that I could do the same with our boy's room. Little things like that do help soften the blow.
  8. I bought it and have finished the center and am working on one of the long ends now. There is a mistake in Rnd 15, but it's easily figured out. I love the way the afghan looks and with the constantly changing patterns within it, I haven't gotten bored. I'm crocheting mine in the Deep Periwinkle. It's funny because I rarely buy kits and afghans just never have been something I wanted to make. But this one is so beautiful, I just HAD to have it.
  9. I just love all your recycled bags! This is another great one!
  10. I just love them! Especially the Jack Skellington bag.
  11. That is just adorable! Wow, and all those little gingerbread men, I can imagine that you COULD make them in your sleep after all that! What a pretty doily!
  12. Oh wow! I've made tote bags using plarn and while the stuff that was in the bags originally may have been around that much $$$, the tote bags are certainly not worth that much. Either a) someone will buy it thinking they're getting something amazing or b) it will NEVER sell at that price and the shop will be stuck with it. Imagine someone buying it and then finding out later how little $$ it was really made with.
  13. That is just the cutest thing! Thank you for sharing!!!!
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