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  1. Adorable. I love that dress. I know exactly what you mean about not liking to use elastic. I don't particularly like making buttonholes either, so I do a lot of pullovers & almost as many drawstrings!
  2. I haven't had much time to crochet lately, but I finally finished something! The bassinette is made out of plastic canvas, with a crocheted cover. I wasn't able to get a pattern for it, having lost the notes I was taking as I went along. There is a description of how I did it at this blog post, however. I do have a pattern for the nightgown: Baby Yazmin's Nightgown. This pattern is only 12 rounds/rows from start to finish, so if your daughter happens to have any Bratz Babyz, check it out. It works up super fast; you can probably knock one out in 15 minutes or so. It is seamless, and there's absolutely nothing to sew & only 2 ends to weave in, so this is definitely one of my simplest patterns yet. ETA: The blanket is just 10 rows of DC using worsted weight yarn & a G hook, so not much point in writing a pattern for it.
  3. I'm quite fond of any baby clothes in an unexpected color combo, which black and white is. (Kind of surprising, if you think about it, given the prevalence of black/white/red in newborn toys!)
  4. Little Leaf Afghan I came up with this pattern some time ago but I don't think I posted it here; it seems I pretty much forgot about it. It's really one of my favorite patterns that I've come up with, so I want to publicize it a bit. Free image hosting by http://www.holdthatpic.com/
  5. That is truly lovely; a real work of art. I am sure she will cherish it.
  6. Hmm, try it again, please. Should open to http://mrsmorse.wordpress.com I can get it to come up right in IE, which I am not signed in to. Let me sign out in Firefox & see what happens. Sorry about that. Seems I've been away from blogging longer than I realized! :
  7. I've been out of the blogosphere--for crocheting, anyway--for almost a year now. Just too much other stuff going on in my life, and I didn't have internet at home for most of that stretch. I moved my old blog (BellaLinda Crochets, retitled Crochet & Breastmilk) to Wordpress for a new start, and posted something new yesterday, & I'm about to go post again. So, for all three of my readers, I'm at it again.
  8. I've learned to crochet over my ends. The last baby afghan I made, in fact, I made my stripes the size they are mainly to facilitate that. (I changed colors at the end of a DC-cluster row so I'd crochet over the ends in SC.) I have been known to alter stripe patterns so that I could just carry the unused yarn up a little & avoid the issue altogether.
  9. Even living in Hawaii, baby blankets came in handy! It seems the more temperate the climate, the more likely shopkeepers are to crank the AC up to max. I've always found that blankets are one thing you can't have too many of (nor can they be too big), because if nothing else they're great play mats. And, frankly, we've had to use them as impromptu changing pads in more than one public restroom.
  10. You cannot copyright ideas, so no, what you're talking about wouldn't infringe upon anything. (Note the absolute flurry of "coming home" ponchos when Martha Stewart got out of prison.)
  11. My mother only buys the cheapest yarn, as it's all she can afford. She's made five or six blankets for my kids over the years, all in this cheap yarn, and they wash up very nice. I say go ahead & make it in your WW yarn even if it's scratchy (we all seem to be missing that yarn weight and yarn softness aren't the same thing), just be sure to put it through the laundry before gifting it.
  12. Very cute. I've made my youngest a few dresses based off of that pattern. I love how you can whip one up in about a day.
  13. I don't like Crochet! at all since the redesign. Some of the wearables are OK, but they have definite sizist issues. Most of the patterns are made only for very thin women, which is completely out of step with actual crocheters. Like someone else said, they're trying too hard. They need to give their models a hot meal and hire a new graphic designer.
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