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  1. Sounds like something I would do... and definitely something my dad would do. He taught me to square numbers in my head when I was in 8th grade... talk about official nerd-dom at that point. His thing now is figuring out what day of the week any given date was... *sigh* I wish I took after mom more!
  2. I agree with the idea of holding onto it for a while longer and seeing if your feelings about it change, at some point you may decide that you do want to finish it. One thing that seemed to stick though reading your post and hearing about what your mother is like, I'd say you definitely shouldn't finish it and then give it to her. From what you said, I think she'd be very upset with the fact that you didn't keep the afghan that was meant for YOU. Give it to your daughter someday or put it on a guest bed, but don't finish it and give it back to your mom. Something tells me that would be opening a whole 'nother box of issues.
  3. Lucky! I can't imagine being posted near family... my mom's family is in California, and my dad's is in Texas. We had 5 years a few hours away from dad's family, but after that the closest we ever got was Illinois!
  4. I was trying to figure out how to say the same thing, at least we can be cuckoo together! Now I have the lumberjack song stuck in my head...
  5. I hope the suggestions work for you, but if they don't, I'll take them off your hands if you'd like to get rid of them. I have a ranchful of family well over 6 feet tall with feet to match and I'm sure they'd fit someone!
  6. I get the 3 year itch too! Thank heavens I went away to school for 4 years and did a year of that 4 overseas, otherwise I don't think I ever could have gotten through my dad's 9 YEAR posting at Wright-Patt! We used to joke that they'd forgotten about us, but sometimes I'm not so sure it was a joke... lol
  7. I have the opposite problem - and they commented on it just as often when I was in the hospital LOL
  8. I found out a few months ago that a friend from college was having her first. So I decided to make her a blanket... one pattern turned into a second one, turned into a third one! I still have the first two (thanks to the amount of yarn I had) and I'll either finish them or frog them, we'll see what happens. Anyway, here is the blankey that I ended up finishing, once I found out that I only have 6 weeks left til her due date! They aren't going to find out what it is ahead of time, but I got a distinct boy vibe (and I've been right on the last 7, so I'm going with it!) I used Baby Clouds in Baby Green and Blue Skies, a P hook, and hdc.
  9. Just looking at it, I'm wondering if the part I made blue means to tr fp around both stitches at once? Theoretically that could explain why you're ending up with too many stitches, if you're doing each tr separately and they're supposed to be together. Just a thought... Hope you figure it out!
  10. I'll be getting into this one at some point, I have plenty of graphs just need to pick out the right one etc. I think it's great to have a CAL so the experts (like Mary Jo!) can give advice and everyone can be encouraged. I have to get a few (okay a bunch) more WIPs out of the way first, but I'll definitely be checking back!
  11. Here's mine. You'd think I had cats chasing my hook looking at the grip I've got on it! Oh wait, I do!
  12. It is almost a family business, you're right! It has been since the revolutionary war, too, we have lists of pages of family members who fought then and right down the line.
  13. Lemme see... My maternal grandfather was enlisted in the Air Force for 23 or 24 years... My paternal grandfather was a Captain in the Army Air Corps in WWII, he flew P47s. My dad did 25 years in the Air Force, he just retired last year as a LtCol. He was a meteorologist, his last assignment was at AFIT. Now he works at Patrick AFB. My mom met my dad at OTS... My little brother is in the Air Force, he does MetNav. His official title is Meterological & Navigational Systems Journeyman hehe. He's an A1C in Sembach, Germany. And I work at Patrick AFB too... how's that for military? And I just kept it down to immediate family... LOL
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