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  1. see if you can find some 'fray-check' - I'm pretty sure that would work, though I've not tried it personally. Good luck! Such pretty scarves we've all gotten!
  2. I've got two new patterns for you - I'll PM them to you also in case you haven't subscribed to this thread. I got them from a yahoo group I belong to and a quick perusal of your site didn't find me these, so here goes: Pegasus/Unicorn and a Frog Prince I haven't tried these (yet) but I love your site!
  3. I for one would love that pattern! It would be a challenge, but a fun one! It's loverly!
  4. Thanks Faith, it's Plymoth's Italian Collection, Odyssey Glitz. 60% Nylon, 37% Wool, 3%Lame. Ronni, when you see this - the care instructions say Hand Wash/Dry Flat. Also - I got my scarf!!! it's soooo soft! Thank you Thank you aliciasjoy! Plus, it's the perfect length! As soon as I take pics & upload 'em I'll post 'em here.
  5. I'm starting to get concerned - has anyone heard from Ronni in NY (Runt315)? I hope she's okay. I got delivery confirmation when I mailed my scarf to her and I know it's been delivered, but she hasn't been online here since the 13th of September so I'm just hoping she's okay! For anyone who's curious, here are some (clickable) pics:
  6. Anyone heard from Ronni (Runt315)? Her last post here was the 13th... I hope she's okay.
  7. it's not free, but I was just thumbing through this book tonight at work & it has a somewhat similar vest in it... More Crocheted Aran Sweaters you might also want to look at the first one (I haven't seen it, so I don't know) Crocheted Aran Sweaters. If you could find it at your library, it'd be free, I suppose...
  8. I hesitate to suggest this, but hey, I work in a bookstore - a fairly large one with a large magazine selection. We carry more knitting mags than crochet (go figure) but we do carry FCEC, Annie's Favorite Crochet, Crochet World, Hooked on Crochet & Crochet!... We don't have back issues, but if you folks want, I could pick up copies & send them to you. I'd have to ask for payment, 'cause I don't make a lot of money there, I just like my job. email or PM me tl let me know - the 1st of the month is employee appreciation day and we get a larger discount then!
  9. Ronni, I just realised I didn't put a care tag like I meant to in the package! Let me know when you get it & I'll email you the instructions... This message from a forgetful person posted to remind the rest of you .
  10. My scarf went out in the mail today!!!! Priority Mail, so hopefully by Monday, Ronni! This has been so much fun!
  11. Don't feel bad Melannie, I've finished the scarf for Ronni and haven't managed to get it mailed yet either! Working evenings, I keep meaning to get out of the house in time to get to the USPS before I have to leave for work... It'll be mailed soon, really!
  12. Welcome from a sorta-NOVAer! I'm sure you'll love it here!
  13. I also have been looking for quick & easy baby patterns (the number of my friends that have just had babies! ) Thanks ever so for posting these!
  14. in Rockville (MD - there's a Rockville metro stop on the Red line) there's also Royal Yarns and in Burke, VA is the Yarn Barn which I've heard good things about. Have fun shopping!
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