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  1. Depending on what part of North Jersey you are from...you may be close to this very popular and busy group: http://www.northcountryspinners.org/index.htm Besides their meetings, they also host a Fall Fibre Workshop. Here's some pics from the 2008 retreat...and yes, that's Lily Chin in one of the photos...she, among others, taught a class in 2008. Unless the date is a mistake, it looks like the retreat skips 2009 to the Fall of 2010: http://www.northcountryspinners.org/retreatpix08.htm They do have members that give private lessons. Perhaps there is someone close to you. Email from this page: http://www.northcountryspinners.org/learn.htm Hope this helps... AnneB in NJ
  2. Congratulations Amy! I'm sure you'll do great. That's a really informative and fun day! The class list is up now but registration doesn't open till mid-March for signing up. We can't get there till Wednesday but are staying through Sunday. If you can manage it, try to stay for Saturday night...you'd love the Dinner and Fashion Show!
  3. Actually there is an airport in Manchester. Hotels had a shuttle to and from for easy access...Attendees spilled over from the Radisson to two others. Hotels are right in the town so there was walking access to other restaurants (not just tied to the hotel restaurants). There was a concert every night in the park across from the Radisson. This was the National Crochet Convention but also the Regional Knit Convention. I would like to have seen more crochet patterns at the marketplace...or at least the items displayed in knit also have a pattern in crochet. I think for next year I'll have amounts of yarn needed for any WIM projects. Fashion show was great and the silent auction did well for the Helping Hands foundation... At the Annual Meeting (knit meeting was held at the same time the crochet meeting was held) there was mention that the CGOA convention will be held in Manchester next year too. After that who knows as membership may outgrow that hotel; we may need bigger! I took 3 classes and overall-- hubby and I had a ball! Still catching up on needed sleep.
  4. Me = 20 more My total = 100 C'Ville = 623 And I recall that their original goal was 500,000 caps. It was announced at the July CGOA convention. Here's the article (scroll down to bottom): http://www.anniesattic.com/crochet/blog.html?blog_id=2147 They would be buried in there under that many caps! Great total they have though...amazing!...and not finished counting!
  5. It has been advertised less expensively on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Couture-Crochet-Workshop-Mastering-Fashion/dp/1596680083/sr=1-1/qid=1164563547/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/105-0257462-0369231?ie=UTF8&s=books
  6. Here's a pattern I've used to make a baby cape with hood. It comes out really nice. I entered it in a fair last year and won a ribbon with it. Gave it away for a christening early this year: http://members.optusnet.com.au/we2/victoriancape.html Red
  7. Same thing here...and am awaiting the first issue. Yes it is... $17.97 for a full year subscription (6 issues) plus a free crochet pattern for CGOA members.
  8. LOL...yes, he bid without me knowing it. That's what happens when I turn my head the other way "You know those biker types"...had a roaring good time all weekend. I've never seen him talk so much... Remind me to tell you the story of him and the bellhop...
  9. Very funny! LOL...you remember that?? I must have signed up with 3 or 4 sites and can't figure it all out with any one of them! I guess I'll have to give it more time and just play around till I get it right! What should I call it... "BrainBlog" ...LOLOLOLOL!
  10. Yes it was GREAT! I actually had my camera with me but never even used it. (maybe that's good...). But it will be something to be remembered for a very long time. What I could do is make sure I start a blog...
  11. Wow! What an adventure! Just can't wait for the next one. We were busy from the moment we arrived...and the Crochet Dude was the first I literally bumped into...(Hi Drew!) It was so nice meeting all that attended and thank you for the hospitality extended...what fun that we did wind up at the "CVille table" for the banquet dinner. The fashions were gorgeous! Rubbing elbows with all the designers... I took 2 classes: Crocheting with Leather, Wire and Beads and StashBusters. It was fun to do something new and I came home highly motivated! Don't know where to start first. Brian also won a door prize of gorgeous yarns and a bra from the BRAvo auction. Good thing I have yarn as I will need skeins to stuff the bra... LOL! Anywho...it was great to meet up with all of you!
  12. Nametage received!...Thank you Artemis Looking forward to meeting all of you. Red883
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