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I love crochet, but sewing is another pastime of mine. I don't do as much and I'm not as talented at modifying/tayloring patterns, but I have fun with it.

Here's something I made for my baby boy!








And finally, one of my boy and his dragon. It's not that good of a picture, but I was home by myself trying to take it and he wasn't quite awake either...



Here's my blog post about it all... http://travelingratling.blogspot.com/2008/05/dragon.html

Thanks for looking! (Sorry for the many pictures and the large 1st one...)

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I had a lot of help on this one from my mom, who is really the expert in the family. It's a prety easy pattern, once you understand how it's written. This was also the fifth time I used one of the patterns in the packet. It's a modification of a Simplicity pattern I picked up several years ago. I've made a dog, cat, bear and elephant from the same set.

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*giggle* just look at him! what an adorable critter you have! lucky baby!! ^^

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