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  1. Thank you! Reverse mask basically means to turn the work. Spr is spring, like to skip.
  2. Anyone know Danish and can explain a few terms? I’ve google translated a Danish crochet pattern. It seems a few words/terms haven’t translated. What’s the US equivalent of spr.? What does it mean to reverse mask? Pattern says for reference, 2 different parts of the pattern: 1 ch (reverse mask), 15 sc, 1 ch. (15) Turn and spr. 1 sc, 12 sc, spr. 1 dc, 1 dc, 1 dc. (13) Turn Thank you!
  3. Absolutely stunning! Great job!
  4. I agree with you that having that line/seam does break up the pattern a bit. When I started this afghan I had intentions of sewing the strips together. I don't like to sew seams and after starting this one found the flat braid join and adore it! It is so much fun and easy! I like how it turned out even with the seams and it doesn't seem to break it up too much, but a bit. Any way the recipient is happy with it so I guess that is what matters.
  5. I finished this for the Greek Games. Here it is in all it's glory: I joined the strips using the flat braid joing technique.
  6. dragonfli ~ I made this with the tunisian/afghan stitch. I would agree that it does take a long time and is a bit more work but I really do like the way they turn out and really you can make some creative afghans/wall hangings. Hang in there. At the end you may surprise yourself and be really happy with the finished product!
  7. Thanks for the pattern. I'm in on this one too. Although it may be a while before it is finished. Working on more projects than I normally do at one time but hey why not, I'm going to throw this one in too. The perfect excuse to buy more yarn!
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