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    Learned to crochet july 2006
  1. Daydreamer-girl

    Opinions/suggestions please

    Thank you I think I would prefer something more lacy, though. The pineapple part on my design has a functional purpose, not just "ornamental".
  2. Daydreamer-girl

    Opinions/suggestions please

    I'm currently making an adult female garment where parts of the design has pineapple-lace. I was originally going to have the same pineapple lace on the whole garment, but now I'm a bit unsure. So I would like suggestions/opinions on different stitch patterns that would work well with pineapples for an adult female garment. It has to be worked top down, and flat (not in the round).
  3. Daydreamer-girl

    Baby dress suggestions

    Oh, pretty dresses!
  4. Daydreamer-girl

    Baby dress suggestions

    Yes, I agree that crochetgarden has many nice patterns. But I have looked through all of them, and I can´t find any with "big" flowers on them. The person who asked me to make this dress wanted "irish crochet" looking flowers incorporated in the dress. I know it is possible to make a dress in mesh, make a bunch of irish crochet motifs and sew them on the dress, but that is not anything I would like to do!
  5. Daydreamer-girl

    Irish Lace Dress

    That is very beautiful!
  6. Daydreamer-girl

    Baby dress suggestions

    Yes, thanks
  7. Daydreamer-girl

    Baby dress suggestions

    I have been through all the baby dresses on ravelry a couple of times I think. Since I don´t have a baby to try the dress onto, I would really like a pattern with the right sizes. I have been thinking of making a pattern myself, but I don´t have time for that now. And I don´t think it would fit the baby any longer when (or if) it was finally done....
  8. Daydreamer-girl

    Baby dress suggestions

    I have been asked to crochet a baby dress. And now I would like to have some suggestions on pattern. The dress needs to fit a 6 months old baby (or older). And the person who wanted me to crochet this dress would like to have crocheted flowers incorporated in the dress. I like to work with thread, but other yarn is also ok but it can´t be thicker than dk yarn. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  9. Daydreamer-girl

    stitch pattern easy to decrease

    No, unfortuanally I don´t have any "stitchionaries", that´s why I have to ask here But I guess I´ll do what you say, try different sts and see how I can decrease the work in an ok way. It´s just that I don´t like all the frogging
  10. Daydreamer-girl

    stitch pattern easy to decrease

    I have some design ideas, and need stitch patterns (combination of different stitches) that easily can be decreased in a nice way. But I want something more interesting than just sc, dc and so on. Hope that made more sence...?
  11. Daydreamer-girl

    stitch pattern easy to decrease

    I need some ideas on stitch patterns which are easy to decrease.
  12. Daydreamer-girl

    Ferosa harold sparkler centerpiece

    I recently got some old crochet patterns which were ripped out of several magazines. One of the patterns was "Sparkling christmas rose centerpiece" by Ferosa Harold. The magazine was "Crochet! Magazine", not sure which issue, though. But the problem is that I´m missing at least one page. It says the pattern continues on page 64, but that page isn´t there So my pattern only goes to "step 8" of the cording. Could somebody please help me with the rest of the pattern? It is a very pretty doily.
  13. Daydreamer-girl

    Good yarn to knit with

    I prefer wool (mostly merino) for baby clothes. Easy to work with, and it has many good qualities including keeping the baby warm.
  14. Daydreamer-girl

    Fish Afghan

    Was it this you meant? http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=44604&highlight=fish
  15. Daydreamer-girl

    Papoose Baby Pattern needed

    Is it a kind of baby sling? I found a few baby sling patterns: http://www.sleepingbaby.net/jan/Baby/crochet.html'>http://www.sleepingbaby.net/jan/Baby/crochet.html http://www.ehow.com/how_2294310_crochet-baby-slings.html not exactly a pattern http://www.sleepingbaby.net/jan/Baby/