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    Working mom of two boys who play hockey, married for over 20 yrs and my hubby is a power lineman.
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    New Jersey
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    watching ice hockey, crocheting, digital photography, web design, graphic arts
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    afghans especially round ripple, graphs and afghan stitch
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  1. Kathryn, Getting back into crocheting after having some other life projects taking up my time. And hubby wants my stash used up before I buy more yarn....needless to say I have ALOT of crocheting to do! I am finishing up a pretty big round ripple in blue, white and pink. Can you use it? I can send the diameter. Also, I know I have made 12" grannies in the past and sent to you, but can you give me some various size needs? I also have a pastel yellow, green and white ripple I made that I can donate. Please also message me your address for mailing also. Do you need them to be bagged? A charity by us requires washing and putting directly in zip locks because the hospitals won't take things unless they are cleaned and packaged. Thank you!
  2. Thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to finish my son's afghan and put this type of border on it!
  3. wonderful afghan! i do my son's hockey logos in tunisian. love the border too! i was wondering about the basketweave border. i understand you would need a multiple of 3's or some number to do the stitch but how did you handle turning the corners with the basketweave on the first and if you did a 2nd row around? thank you!
  4. Count me in! I'm always making and would love to receive one.
  5. That's beautiful! I am share it will help to raise alot for the cause.
  6. That is a wonderful looking set. Will be watching the thread to see when the pattern is ready. Thanks in advance for sharing! I looked through your blog. Wonderful work!!!!
  7. it looks like it was used for a play or something to make the person an octopus.
  8. looks great. looks like it will be a nice warm blanket too?
  9. Got some more hats made the other day and 2 more washcloths while at a hockey camp today with my son. Planned on much more crocheting but did more talking and watching with the other parents. Didn't think we'd know anyone but did and that was nice too. Dor - that RR is neat. Was that a varigated yarn? Does look soft. Taylor - great hats girl!
  10. I am up to: 2 preemie afghans 2 round ripples 5 baby hats 14 washcloths
  11. Can someone post the link to the pattern on Red Heart. The ones listed on the first few pages give me an error for the webpage? Thanks
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