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Patriot's Daughter 18" doll image intense

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Patriot’s Daughter – 18” doll :pinterest


This outfit is a remake of the “Jingo” pattern I did for the 14” CPK. By doing a very different colour set, I got a very different impression.

I used 4.5.mm 5.mm and 5.5mm hooks to make this. The yarn is all worsted weight. I used Red, white, navy, gold and brown. I also used some plastic canvas to form the drum.

This pattern is in no way historical (hysterical maybe :wlol ) it is just plain fun.

The Breeches…

Join all rows…
Legs, make 2 and do not break off after the 2nd one is made…

With navy and a 5.5mm hook… ch 21 and join.

Row 1: hdc around… secure navy,

Row 2: with white work one row of sc around. Break off white.

Row 3-6: with navy, work evenly in hdc

Row 7-9: randomly (and staggered) increase by one on every row (24 hdc after row 9)

Begin Torso…

Row T1:Align the two legs and join with 5 sc. Immediately begin working in hdc around… 6 stitches before the join, change to DC, then work 3 Tr into the joining stitch, continue in Dc for 6 sts then return to hdc to finish the row.

Row T2: Work hdc in hdc and dc in all dc & tr across row.

Row T3-T7: work evenly in hdc.

Row T8-T10: work (hdc, FPdc or BPdc) ribbing across row break off and tidy all ends.

Locate the three Centre Back stitches. Sc in 1, 2sc in next sc in last. Ch 1 and turn

Hdc evenly across

Divide for individual straps now

Hdc in 1st, 2 hdc in next, chain 1 and turn

Work evenly for one row (3)

For three rows work a bias effect. Work two stitches in the outside stitch and a decrease in the other stitch,

Continue working evenly until the strap meets the button at the front. Work a button loop. Break off and tidy ends.
Repeat in a mirror version for the other strap.

Add buttons or trim as you wish. I wanted the “fun” effect of the large buttons but I almost changed them. Do what works for you.

The Sweater…


With white and 5mm hook… chain 4 and work a 3 stitch sc ribbing (sc in Back Loops Only) for 28 rows.

work a tight chain 5 for a button loop. change to 5.5mm hook

Row 1: Work a row of sc increases so that you add 20 stitches – (48 sc)

Row 2: work evenly in hdc. Secure white.

Row 3: with red work… Sc in 7, hdcV-st in next, sc in 8, hdcV-st, sc in 14, hdcV-st, sc in 8, hdcV-st, sc in 7. secure red.

Row 4: with white… sc in 4, hdc in 4, V-st in V-st, hdc in 10, V-st in V-st, hdc in 4, sc in 8, hdc in 4, V-st in V-st, hdc in 8, V-st in V-st, hdc in 4, sc in 4.

Row 5: work individual back and front sections in HDC.

Row 6: work individual sections in red SC.
Row 7: work in hdc around sweater to join backs and front at sides.

Row 8: work hdc in white

Row 9: work sc in red.

Row 10: Work evenly in hdc in white

Rows 11-12: work (hdc/FPdc) ribbing in white.

Secure and tidy all ends.


These sleeves are not the best. I tried to follow the method for the CPK and the two arm styles are completely different. I would suggest that you remove a stitch in each white row you work.

Row 1: attach white yarn in base of armhole and work a row of hdc around opening.

Continue in the established stripe pattern (2 white in hdc /1 red in sc) for as long as you want your sleeves to be. You could end with the FPdc ribbing.


The Newsboy Cap


Row 1: Ch 2, work 7 hdc into 2nd ch from hook..
Work the standard circle pattern to7th row in whatever colour pattern you want.

Row 8: work hdc decreases over your increases from row 7.

Row 9. work (hdc decrease, hdc in 4) around

Row 10: Work (hdc decrease, hdc in 3) around.

Row 11: work FPsc on outside of hat.

Row 12-13: work evenly in hdc. Ch 1 and turn.


Brim… work FPsc in 4, 2FPsc in next, FPsc in 4, ch 1 and turn.

Row B2: hdc in 2, sc in 6, hdc in 2

Row B3: hdc dec, hdc to last two, hdc dec.

Row B4: sl st, sc, hdc in 4, sc, sl st. Break off and tidy all ends.



With White and 4.5mm hook Make a top and a bottom…

Begin by working a standard circle pattern to a size you want for your drum. I did 6 rows.

Turn good side down and work a row of FPsc in each stitch around.

Work a row of sc around break off and tidy ends. Cut a piece of plastic canvas that will fit snuggly inside your drum top and bottom.

Work the body of your drum in Red working in a tight sc for as many rows as you need to fit inside your drum top. I did 9 sc for 35 rows.

Stitch the ends of your drum body together and fit it inside your drum top. Cut a piece of plastic canvas long enough to fit inside and have about 1.5 inches of overlap on the ends.

Place your drum bottom on the drum body and secure a very long strand of a golden yarn in a stitch on the top. Work back and forth from the top to the bottom with the gold yarn. Work in every 4th stitch. I secured each stitch rather than just making a running stitch. It just looked better and seemed more secure.

Attach a brown yarn in the same stitch as one of your gold joins. Make a chain long enough to form a lanyard for your drum.

Copyright: Darlene Cutler - 2007

I do not have a problem with people/groups using my patterns to make a little extra money by physically making them and selling the items they make.

However, I do not permit the selling of my patterns for money. I have once given permission for a booklet to be made of them for a charitable sale and I may do so again *if I am asked* and if it is for a church, charity or school type group. But first you have to ask.

Furthermore, If you choose to use my patterns as a money maker, I do not permit my images to be used for any advertizing of your work. You must make your own item and photograph that. These images are as much a part of my Web image as a designer as the patterns are and I reserve that use to myself alone.

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What a sweet outfit ~ thanks for sharing. :cheer

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