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my latest felted bag


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I made finished this one yesterday, from what I have read on the previous threads, having a front loading washing machine is a slight disadvantage when it comes to felting, but I find that a good hot 65 degree cycle seems to do the trick!




I finished this one off with some small flowers and sewed a tiny silver jingle bell into the centre! its for a friend of mine who picked up 3 huge cones of wool from a garage sale, they are intended for weaving so not suitable for garments, for only £2.00! one cream one grey and one brown! :yay


so I made her this as a thankyou! :manyheart

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NICE BAG..... that looks like the peruvian wool I bought online. Its a very thin weight and it felts kinda wooly. It came on cones. I will post some pics of the 2 bags I made with that wool... as soon as I figure out how to post them here.



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