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  1. I found a crocheted pattern for slippers that I like.... but they arent felted, how much larger should I make them to felt them to a size 8? Would a man's size 12 work?
  2. I've made a few bags too and I haven't used grommets at all. On one of them I just put the handles in and knotted the ends together before I felted it. On another one I felted everything and then slit the round handles and stitched one side to the inside and one side to the outside using doubled thread. And on another one I stitched the handle on with yarn and then felted. All those ways work well and hold up. I suppose I will have to try the grommets next.
  3. I shipped several items, mostly vases and bowls and I packed them with tissue paper and boxed them in lightweight boxes and then put everything in a large box and shipped. I allowed them to keep their form. I guess it really depends on what the item is.
  4. Well I finally got the first vases and bowls felted:clap. I used the Red Heart Rag Doll (w/o the frilly stuff ) it was alot like crocheting with roving. Anyway, they shrunk more than I had calculated, so they are smaller than I had wanted, but they turned out really great. I just made them whatever size I thought I'd like. Now I have something to guage my unfinished sizes, and I will definately make them alittle larger. I wish I had taken the unfinished dimensions, but I forgot until just now.... OH WELL.... maybe I will remember next time! I have them in the drier now on the drying rack, so it wont be long now. I formed them and shaped them up so they should come out just fine. They are very fuzzy, so I think I may shave them to see more of the color defination. I'll post pics sometime soon..... I'll try to remember to do the unshaved and shaved version in my pics. My little Pitcher turned out adorable... I am so proud of that one, I think I will make one in my mom's colors for her ... as she collects little cups, saucers and pitchers. Boy does it feel good to have them done now!
  5. I have used yarn to tie reed together when dyeing and it didnt dye. It was Red Heart brand and it was a white color, it was a 100 % acrylic. You could possibly try a dyeable yarn, like Knit picks carries ( but its wool ) and then do your dying. I do alot of space dyed reed, but have never done any yarn that way.... atleast not yet! Doey
  6. Wow Im glad I read this.... I have tons of yarn ( left over skeins ) that I was going to give to the senior center or school, but I am thinking that this will be a much better casue to give it to. Besides I can still donate the pinks and other light colors to the schools or senior center. And after the first of the year I can devote more time to crocheting some 6 x 9 blocks. This is a wonderful project! Thanks so much for sharing it! Doey
  7. I've been gathering yarns from my stash to do a freeform piece. Im sketching in my "IDEA" book, so I dont forget the things that pop into my head. Most likely I wont start on it until after the holidays, then I will have more time... as I wont be making Christmas gifts for my family. friends and co workers. The stuff here has inspired me also.... I love the unique and unusual and I love bright colors so this should be an adventure for me. Doey....
  8. You all have made some awesome stuff.... Im thinking I might want to try my hand at some of it. I have a something in mind but Im not really sure what or how to get started. Are there any good sites or instructions of how to go about starting a free form piece. The piece I am thinking of doing will end up being a Wall Hanging ... I have a large wall area that needs some sort of WOW me piece on it. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Doey
  9. LOL.... ( by the seat of my pants with no pattern ) I just started crocheting some are round, oval, tall and I even made a little pitcher.... Im just playing around with different shapes and sizes, I also have a couple of bowls made 2, oval and round. I crochet tight so I usually dont have a problem with my stuff not being stiff. I remember using some Lambs Pride on a purse using a single strand and a single crochet and that purse is very thick and stiff. If I use a J hook I get a guage like an H or I. Dont know why I pull so tight... I am also a left hander crocheter, taught by a right handed person... I crochet holding the hook like you would a knitting needle.... its pretty interesting to watch me. LOL!!
  10. I actually have 6 made now, and Im working on 4 more... I havent felted yet, because I got some kind of stomach bug, and its doing a number on me. I do have my crocheting by my bed table, so I can work on it when I feel like it. I did get the account to store pics on, so all I have to do is take some. Im off work monday so maybe I will be well enough to felt! Bare with me..... Im excited about getting them done too. Doey
  11. LOL at burning all the yarn. Course I guess my BF would do that too if he knew how much I spent on yarn. Course, he does know how much basket weaving stuff costs ... LOL And he paid for it too! I'd prolly be a millionaire if I added up all I spend on crafting stuff over the years. I am still working on my felted bowls, and now Im sick in bed, and cant felt anything because I dont feel good, however I am in bed with my laptop and my crocheting stuff next to me, I figure I cant sleep all day or I wont sleep at night. Anyway, good luck with your heart bowl and be sure to show pics. Doey
  12. I've been making some vases and I am using 3 - 50gr balls ( single strands because I crochet tight ) it makes a nice medium (8" diameter ) size vase before felting. Im not sure what they will look like once they are felted but I am only going to felt one, just incase I need increase the size. Maybe I should felt the smallest one to see if that size is okay too. Yes, I think the 5 skeins should allow for a nice size basket. Have fun and good luck. Doey
  13. Any 100% wool that is NOT machine washable should felt. You can also use wool blends as long as the wool content is atleast 70% or more ( it may felt less or take longer to felt ) There are several good brands... it all depends on what look you want. I have used several brands.... Also www.knitpicks.com has some great prices on their wools if you want to wait and order it. If not, just look for a non machine washable wool. I have used Lamb's Pride, Cascade, Shetland DK, Paintbox, Galway, Jo Sharp, Nuro Kureyon, RedHeart Rag Doll ( testing it now ) Peruvian Wool, Lion's wool, and Im gonna try so Patons SWS and Patons Merino Classic. Do you have a pattern for your heart shaped bowl or basket .... or are you going to design it? I used to crochet RAG RUGS and BASKETS and they have a great crochet pattern for a heart shape. That should be really cool. Im designing vases right now.... I guess I should have taken the time to write the pattern down. The heart shape should be an interesting piece... I'd love to see a pic of it. Doey
  14. YES..... put it in a pillowcase or else you will have fibers in your washing machine.... I learned the hard way..... I used a netted laundry bag and it was awful .... I had fuzz everywhere! Doey
  15. Thanks .... I will do that! I have 3 vases ready to felt and working on a 4th .... so I guess I will be busy this weekend.
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