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  1. Beautiful! Love that pattern - thanks for sharing it!
  2. Well I went to my LYS w/a friend yesterday (to help her shop! ROTFLOL) ... there were 2 balls of some gorgeous sock yarn I wanted, so I grabbed one and my friend grabbed the other ... then you KNOW we had to drool, fondle and enjoy all the eye candy there. Lo and behold I fould the EXACT yarn I needed for a scarf I've been wanting to make for ages! I feel in love the with stitch pattern but hadn't been able to find the right yarn. So I walked out with 2 balls of that too. So I'm -6 for the week, but I used a ball of Homespun on a comfort shawl I'm making for a friend which gave me +2 so I'm -4 for the week.
  3. Well I finished the Kitchen Set for my girlfriend. Used 4 balls of Peaches & Cream for the mitts and pot holder, and 2 of the dishcloths are orange so that's another ball. I only used 1/2 ball for the others so I can't count them. And since P&C are such small balls I'm only giving myself 1 point for them, so I'm +5 more for this week.
  4. Well I just bought 3 skeins of Patons Merino for my first pair of socks and a skein of Patons Black wool to compliment the red in my stash for some felted clogs ... so I'm -8 today.
  5. I just went through piles of Red Heart and Simply Soft that I'm donating to my friend's church prayer shawl ministry. I had over 50 (some whole, some partials) skeins to donate. I rarely use it anymore anyway. Most of it is leftover from previous projects and quite a bit that's been given to me. So I'm in the red for now!! I used 1/2 of a couple of ball of Peaches & Cream for washcloths, but since they only count 1pt anyway I can't include them. I finished a ball of Patons SWS on the scarf I'm still working on and am almost through 1/2 of another ball. I have a full ball still to use on it but don't think I'll need the entire thing. So even though I'm still working on stuff, I don't seem to be making much of a dent in my stash! UGH!
  6. This is so not fair.... I have 3 projects going (a dishcloth almost finished and a scarf that one ball is almost gone). Went to Michael's w/my mom on Saturday with a $50 gift cert and didn't buy any more yarn!!! I was so proud of myself - bought bead and jewelry stuff instead. Would you believe my DD's boyfriend came walking through the door yesterday with his hand behind his back saying, "I brought you a gift!" It was a nearly full skein of Caron SS!! UGH!!!!!!! LOL He and a friend had used it on a project and they didn't know what to do with the rest, so he brought it to me. I swear, I just can't win! Oh well ... Maybe since I"m going through a cleaning out / decluttering phase I'll just have to give some away.
  7. I have that book too and love that wrap! Yours turned out beautiful!
  8. OK, I'm in too ... I don't have as much as some, but I'm sure it's more than others. I have seven 58qt plastic containers cram packed full. I do more knitting than crocheting these days and that takes longer and doesn't use as much yarn ... but I'll take whatever dent I can get in my stash. ONly problem is that my MIL gave me a $50 gift cert to Michael's for Xmas that I haven't spent yet! UGH!!! BUT, I'm into making jewelry too, so maybe I'll spend it on beads and such instead of yarn. (Yeah, I know just another one of my addictions.)
  9. Beautiful!! Projects with wire have been on my to do list for a while now ... something I simply must play with after Xmas gifts are done!
  10. Absolutely incredible!!!! GREAT job! I know she just loves using it!
  11. Beautiful! Love the model too!!
  12. OMGoodness!!!!!!! One of the most beautiful pieces I've ever seen!!!!!!!
  13. I have finished quite a few things, just haven't taken pics of them yet - and a lot of them are knit instead of crochet.
  14. That's really disappointing to me too. Oh well, I guess I've got a ton of other projects anyway. Bought some buttons to decorate the stockings I made for my nieces and nephews - get to sew them on ... fun fun! NOT!! LOL I hate that part. I may play with this pattern with some gold old RH just to see what it does for me. Maybe by then someone else will have figured out some kinks too.
  15. Cool! Let me know how it turns out!
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