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    mum of two, massive yarn aholic and been hooking for 2 years!
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    encaustic art, paper crafts, crochet, middle easten dance.
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    pre school teacher.
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    stargans, baby blankets, socks and just about anything!
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    since may 2006
  1. per haps someone could put it as a crochet a long ? Id need some info on how to manage all the little balls hanging of the back! lol
  2. i want to make this but have never done some many colour changes before! its saying to use different skeins for each colour change, how do I know how much to wind into all the different little ballls I need of each colour? could someone with experience in this technique point me in the right direction thanks x lol and thanks for sharing
  3. I really have got to give that pattern a go, I love it! beautiful work xx
  4. well I won a first so Im very pleased! lol and a nice voucher to spend in my local yarn shop xx:clap:clap:clap:hook
  5. thanks everyone, I am entering this afgan into the local town show, the handicrafts section is rather hit and miss but you never know! lol
  6. welcome from the south coast of the UK xx
  7. welcome from the south coast of the UK xx
  8. beautiful work! wow its a lovely pattern and I have cued it on ravelry...thank you for sharing x
  9. I just learnt this technique so this is my second ever entrelac blanket made with white yarn and a blue and white self patterning yarn I love the random way each blue and white box is different
  10. thanks everyone...Its such a great technique!
  11. I would love to make one, Ive just started another entrelac in the round and love the idea of a corner start! so if you get time to let us know how you got it started, I would love to know along with all the other ville hookers lol
  12. welcome to the ville from the south coast of the uk, I too learnt using US terms without knowing it,
  13. I am so glad I learnt this techinque! I love it! even if the last rounds seem to take for ever! a big thank you to beth in texas on you tube, I used her tutorials to work this lapgan up, its being donated to a nursing home.
  14. your blanket is so cute! can you point me in the right direction for the pattern? ive had a looky see but can't find it! thanks.
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