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  1. Yes. This stitch is also called a backwards sc, corded edging, lobster stitch and shrimp stitch. (Info from "The Crochet Answer Book.")
  2. Very cute! And excellent craftsmanship!
  3. I use a fairly relaxed pencil grip. I do have pain issues but I do not think they can be directly tied to my hook grip. I say this because I used a PC keyboard 40+ hours a week for 30+ years (a technical writer) and I have some nerve damage from a compressed nerve in my neck. So, I don't really think that there is a direct correlation between grip style and hand pain. Other factors (as in my case) can contribute to the pain. Factors that include the number of hours you crochet at a time.
  4. I received my Skip Stitch - very quickly too! Unfortunately I have not had time to use it yet - too many other things going on. But, I hope to get a chance to play with it within the next two weeks or so. And I'll definitely let everyone know how it goes.
  5. Mary, 1) You use whatever method you want to use in order to cut out your squares. 2) You use the Skip Stitch Blade to make the actual perforations in each square (or rectangle). 3) You crochet a foundation pattern into the perforations. 4) You add an edging pattern if you want to - it's optional. I'll post more after I receive the Skip Stitch and get a chance to use it. (Looking forward to it -smile)
  6. I mailed my check for the Skip Stitch Blade yesterday and Joyce (the inventor) has already e-mailed the tutorial to me! (How cool is that! ) She has included photos, rather than drawings, in the tutorial and they are very clear so that you really 'see' what you should do and what your results should be. And, you do end up with rounded corners ( ). I'll post my thoughts on using the blade after I get it and play with it for a while. (I may still get the Edgery Doo "down the road apiece", but the Skip Stitch Blade may be enough for my needs....)
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