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  1. and ! The folks here are great!
  2. Hello and welcome!
  3. Hello Mo! Welcome from Calabash, NC!
  4. Hello and welcome! You will love it here. And crochet is a universal language!!
  5. Ditto for me! Maybe I'll reconsider using some of my old cassette tapes. Yep. To quote from the site (in part), it's "Created from a fiber thin plastic.... Jelly Yarn® is not cord or flat lanyard but round, pliable vinyl that is specially formulated for knitting and crochet. "
  6. That's a wonderful gift! Use them in joy and in fun! :cheer I'm waiting on mine (). You know that I ordered them because of your post about them (). But seriously, what a great idea! these interchangeable hooks are ! Now I'm just waiting on delivery from Annie's Attic ().
  7. The hearts are lovely, Cocoa! So simple and elegant!
  8. A ball winder is used to transform hanks of yarn into ready-to-use balls. Look at this thread here at the 'Ville for pictures and views/reviews of various brands.
  9. The colors are certainly gorgeous though, aren't they? I couldn't afford to buy a lot of the skeins to make a large item (e.g., a sweater or ghan), but maybe two skeins (if enough yardage is in 'em) to make a narrow scarf or a pair of socks... PS: I found this knitter's review of one brand of corn yarn that is an interesting read. Now we need one of the crocheters at the 'Ville to use and rate one of these corn-y (sorry, couldn't resist - ) yarns!
  10. :hiand :welcometo the 'Ville! For help with stitches, do the following: Click "Crochetville Forum," at the top of the page, to see a list of all the forums you're eligible to see. Scroll down until you see the Clinic forum. Click "Clinic," then click "Crochet Help." In this sub-forum, you can ask for help with specific stitches or read questions that others have posted (click "Stitch Help") or ask/read other questions. Hope this helps.
  11. Hello and welcome! You will really enjoy it here!
  12. There have been threads here at the 'Ville with directions for the RR and its various point variations. Look up the blog for thekidneybean (she's a 'Viller too, as I remember) and her Chromium Star Blanket. Also [B]Chrome Kitty[/b] (here at the 'Ville) and her Round Rainbow Ripple Star Blankie. If you want to buy a book, "40 Favorite Ripple Afghans" from Leisure Arts contains the 24-point "Aztec Sun" RR and some other nice non-RR ripple variations.
  13. I using the Firefox browser too. Version
  14. I tried twice and I get that error even at this site!
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