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  1. Youre so welcome! I am glad you liked everything; I love the Knit Picks sock yarn...it washes up so soft! I couldnt resist those teas, I didnt even care what flavors they were, because the packaging is so awesome! (no, I am not practical at all, thanks!) I thought you needed the sparkly scarf kit to match your sparkly personality! I hope to get pics of my awesome package from Juli, soon, too. We are having a huge housewarming on Saturday and my office is having the annual audit from CMH (oh, Community Mental Health..sorry) next week AND I am being transferred to a new program/office, so I am trying to get caught up on paperwork, transfer clients, and close other clients. It bites!
  2. Sent/Received List is updated! Please let me know if there are any changes! Deadline to mail was Friday, so those who have not received should be expecting soon!
  3. OKAY LADIES!! Two weeks left in this lovely swap...then, it's DEADLINE time! Haven't heard from many of you in awhile; just a friendly reminder to email the swap coordinator (me: NoLooseEnds), when you SEND and when you RECEIVE your packages! The 1st post is updated thus far, with the emails I have received. Please let me know if there are changes to be made! We are down to it and this has been a FUN ONE! Thanks for making it special!
  4. Just another friendly mod reminder: when your package comes, please remember that a public and private thank-you are required, as is a notification to the moderator! I love to check in on this thread, but do not have time to daily search to see if people have sent/received their packages! I want to make sure my updates are as accurate as possible, so I appreciate the notification! Thanks, ladies and the packages look great!
  5. Okay, just wanted to post a quick "whoopsie" for my editing glitch! The first post has been updated with sent/received so far! Please take a look-see and let me know if there are any other mistakes! Hope things are going well for everyone (besides the business and the illness) and I hope the packages are coming along!
  6. EEEWWW! Good thing dogs dont get chicken pox! Im safe for now!
  7. NEW Michael's yarns? Really? I hadnt heard...do tell!
  8. How's the shopping going, pals? This thread has been quiet for awhile!
  9. Mainstays is the Walmart Brand of yarn...mostly in worsted acrylic! No worries, we are here to answer questions! AND to make FAUX FUN! Remember to check out blends and other super soft acrylics, too!
  10. Please remember to email me when you receive your partner's information! I need to keep track of who has/has not received this so I can resend if need be! Thanks, so much!
  11. Hahaha! The sponge bob is great!
  12. Alright! Partners assigned! And the swap is off...! I am thinking about awarding a prize at the end...maybe a contest?! The super swapper award? After all packages are received, you can nominate your partner for the 'Super Swapper Award' and I will put together a prize package? How does that sound? What should go in the package? Idea time!
  13. Sounds great! That clear everything up! I will have the partners tonight, hopefully...shhhh...Im still at work right now
  14. Uh Oh! Looks like we have an uneven number of swappers! Would anyone be willing to do a three-way swap? Or have two partners? Let me know, asap, so I can get partners assigned. I am trying to get them done tonight...but will have them done by Friday, for sure! Thanks for being understanding, ladies!
  15. Alright, peeps! I am closing the thread for signups, but wont be checking again till tomorrow AM...so if you HAPPEN to send it in tonight, I will still take it!
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