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  1. and ! The folks here are great!
  2. Hello everyone: I'm looking for Sugar and Cream, Light Blue (color # 00026), Dye Lot 145624. My sister needs approx 1/3 of a ball to finish a baby blanket that she's making. (In the interests of full disclosure I must admit that she's kn--tting it! I love her anyway though! ) If anyone has this, we would both appreciate it very much! She says that she'd gladly trade another ball of S&C for her and pay postage. The baby is due early May, so she needs to get this asap. I thank you in advance for any help you can give my Baby Sis (and me).
  3. Hello and welcome!
  4. Hello Mo! Welcome from Calabash, NC!
  5. Hello and welcome! You will love it here. And crochet is a universal language!!
  6. The hearts are lovely, Cocoa! So simple and elegant!
  7. A ball winder is used to transform hanks of yarn into ready-to-use balls. Look at this thread here at the 'Ville for pictures and views/reviews of various brands.
  8. The colors are certainly gorgeous though, aren't they? I couldn't afford to buy a lot of the skeins to make a large item (e.g., a sweater or ghan), but maybe two skeins (if enough yardage is in 'em) to make a narrow scarf or a pair of socks... PS: I found this knitter's review of one brand of corn yarn that is an interesting read. Now we need one of the crocheters at the 'Ville to use and rate one of these corn-y (sorry, couldn't resist - ) yarns!
  9. :hiand :welcometo the 'Ville! For help with stitches, do the following: Click "Crochetville Forum," at the top of the page, to see a list of all the forums you're eligible to see. Scroll down until you see the Clinic forum. Click "Clinic," then click "Crochet Help." In this sub-forum, you can ask for help with specific stitches or read questions that others have posted (click "Stitch Help") or ask/read other questions. Hope this helps.
  10. Hello and welcome! You will really enjoy it here!
  11. There have been threads here at the 'Ville with directions for the RR and its various point variations. Look up the blog for thekidneybean (she's a 'Viller too, as I remember) and her Chromium Star Blanket. Also [B]Chrome Kitty[/b] (here at the 'Ville) and her Round Rainbow Ripple Star Blankie. If you want to buy a book, "40 Favorite Ripple Afghans" from Leisure Arts contains the 24-point "Aztec Sun" RR and some other nice non-RR ripple variations.
  12. I using the Firefox browser too. Version
  13. I tried twice and I get that error even at this site!
  14. Darski, Ah, come on now. You do such great work, you know! What's a few (hundred - ) ends when you're creating such a beautiful blanket?! And you know you want to make it.....
  15. I like this pattern! Thanks for sharing it!
  16. hooked2

    what to do with...?

    You can use these threads you've just discovered to make many things. The nylon, for example, can make beautiful bags and wearables.. Go over to this site to see the different kinds and colors of nylon threads and some great-looking bags and other things. There are free patterns over there too. The other types of threads can be used for bags, clothing, afghans, etc. So, really, in many cases, your imagination is the only factor that limits how you use these threads!
  17. I really like your hat (with its rose pin) and your neckwarmer! I printed the pattern for the hat (Thank you!) and I'd like the pattern for the neckwarmer too, please. You are very sweet to share this God-given talent with us!
  18. I really like your bag!! Blue is my favorite color too! And the lining is too cute - :dog !
  19. Oh, I absolutely agree - :yes !! I only posted the info because I was amazed that anyone would sell a bag for that amount (although I shouldn't have been, not really)! Perhaps those 'Villers that are designing and creating these fabulous bags here should start their own label and start selling ()! And I'm only kidding a little bit. There's such design talent here at the 'Ville. Not to mention the "mad" (that's a compliment) crochet skills here!
  20. It is very pretty. And those colors are very cheery! And is that Caleb sitting on the afghan? He's a very handsome young man! And he looks very pleased with his new afghan too!!
  21. There are some additional pix on her site. There is a pix of the complete blanket in an "alternate version" of the pattern. The last pix shows a close-up of part of one of the blanket edges.
  22. The Granny squares made with the variegated yarns is very nice. But I think that the ripple with the variegated yarn looks fabulous!!
  23. Very nice job on all the bags that you made. Although blue is my favorite color, your red bag is my favorite of all the bags! And the flowers add a very elegant touch to the bags.
  24. You can get the pattern now. But it's the same pattern that was available on December 9th! I know because I got it then! Oh well, the patterns are free....... and this baby blanket is lovely!
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