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  1. I haven't been on the forum for ages and ages (years), but I popped in tonight, came straight to the thread show and tell forum, and this is the first thing I see. It. is. gorgeous. What a lovely piece of work!
  2. $7 is pretty much my max price point for a pattern, and I would only pay that for a very special pattern--not something run-of-the-mill that looks like a lot of other patterns out there. However, I won't be buying many patterns at that price--only 1, and only infrequently--that's the only way I can justify spending so much for a single pattern--especially a digital pattern that I can't resell or give away when I'm done with it (and I rarely make more than one of something). If you knew you'd be making more than one of the item, either for resale or gifts, it would be a better value--but I al
  3. When I first started thread crocheting, it was really cheap. I'd spend maybe $5 per month for a magazine, and another $5 for thread, and I'd have enough to crochet all I had time for, and more. There's no need to stash if all you do is crochet with white thread. That was a long time ago. I now prefer to crochet with colored threads, and I have many balls of thread on hand, in addition to sewing thread which I also use for crocheting. I buy most of my yarn second-hand, and limit it to natural fibers, so I can make kitchen items and the occasional felted project for next to nothing.
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