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  1. I have to thank TWO Christmas elves for some lovely surprises! One day last week, I received a card from a MO elf with a gorgeous thread tree ornament included. It made my whole day and put a smile on my face. Then, a couple of days later, a Polish elf who *knows* what I like sent me a box full of amazing surprises. I need to get my camera working, so I can share, but my elf sent me a collection of thread, hand-made ornaments, stitch-markers, a candle, a bookmark, and so many goodies my head was spinning! It was truly an unexpected blessing, and the little markers were some of the cutest I have ever seen. Thank you *so* much to both my elves--you've been a blessing!
  2. I haven't been around the 'ville for a while--crocheting got put on hold for a while and I was busy with other things. In the past few months, I picked up my hooks again and have been very busy! First I made a bridal purse for my brand-new daughter-in-law, and since then I've been making Christmas presents for my kids--five now instead of four! (I'm making a doily for my son for Christmas, because he just doesn't call as often as he should, so how should I know what he wants, right?) After I got over my shock at the changes to the forum, I realized it must be time for holiday wish lists. Playing elf is one of my favorite things to do, so I figured I'd share a couple of wishes just to let you know I'm here. 1. I'd love any kind of card or holiday greetings--even though I've been AWOL, I haven't forgotten all my crochetville pals! 2. I'm a die-hard threadie, and I always love to receive crochet thread--size 10 or 20. Pretty colors (all colors are pretty) preferred. I don't use much white, although I did make an exception for that bridal purse... 3. Any little surprises you'd like to send--it would put a smile on my face to find something in the mailbox! I wish you all the best during the holiday season...
  3. That is so cool! It just makes me smile. Beautiful bag, Mary Jo, and congratulations, Anna. Mary Jo gifted me with one of her totes a couple of years ago--"January Ice"--so there are two C'ville totes in Poland...which is pretty amazing.
  4. Haven't been around for awhile--just stopping by to browse. That's gorgeous!
  5. Really, really nice! Love the designs.
  6. I haven't been around for ages, and came in to peek at everyone's doilies--very pretty!
  7. I've used some Valdani thread, and have some more that I will use when I figure out the right pattern for it. It's much finer and softer than regular crochet thread, so the doily will be limper and benefit from a bit of starch. Also size 12 is much finer than size 10--the size 8 is closer to 10. But the colors...oh, the colors....
  8. Lovely!--of course you can use 30 like Grandma...
  9. Very pretty--and lovely for spring.
  10. Wonderful work!--charts and doilies were made for each other. The danger is that once you grow accustomed to charts, you will look at a doily pattern spread across 3 pages in dense text...and move on, looking for a chart. I'm thankful that some of the old classics have been charted!
  11. Your grandmother did awesome work!
  12. Great on the first one...are you addicted yet?
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