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  1. Haven't been around for awhile--just stopping by to browse. That's gorgeous!
  2. I haven't been around for ages, and came in to peek at everyone's doilies--very pretty!
  3. I've used some Valdani thread, and have some more that I will use when I figure out the right pattern for it. It's much finer and softer than regular crochet thread, so the doily will be limper and benefit from a bit of starch. Also size 12 is much finer than size 10--the size 8 is closer to 10. But the colors...oh, the colors....
  4. Lovely!--of course you can use 30 like Grandma...
  5. Very pretty--and lovely for spring.
  6. Wonderful work!--charts and doilies were made for each other. The danger is that once you grow accustomed to charts, you will look at a doily pattern spread across 3 pages in dense text...and move on, looking for a chart. I'm thankful that some of the old classics have been charted!
  7. Your grandmother did awesome work!
  8. Great on the first one...are you addicted yet?
  9. I am always trying to work out the best way to get subtle changes of color with these things. In some of my other works, I have felt that I was try to use too many colors, so these were experiments with fewer colors of thread, which in turn allows more rounds of each color combination. I thought that would draw the changes out more subtly. What do you think? The red one has only two colors--one lighter, one darker. I'm using three strands of sewing thread, so with the colors labeled A and B, and changing just one thread at a time, I get this progression: AAA AAB ABB BBB Only
  10. Jolena, you can do something similar with size 10 thread. I usually only use a single strand of sewing thread with the crochet thread (I call this a "frosted" doily), but you buy closely-shaded threads and change them to create a shaded effect. Here's a picture of one I did last year. When I use two strands of sewing thread, I prefer the thinner thread--size 20--but it is closer to size 10 than plain size 20 thread. Maybe like a 15. I change one color thread at a time in an attempt at more subtle color-play, and that's why I call it a "mock painted doily," since with a painted doily
  11. I used a Boye size 9. (That's 1.4mm.) Adding two strands of sewing thread to the size 20 makes it a little thicker than 20...
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