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Now that NoLooseEnds has received her package, I can post a photos of the various dog things I made her for the pet swap. AJ's dog bone mat in Sugar and Cream, the fire hydrant toy from ePatterns (sorry, can't remember the designer's name), Roli's jingle bell collar, and Fayette's Mom's leash and bag pouch (out of plastic yarn). There were also some yummy treats in there for her dog. Many, many thanks to the creative minds on the 'ville and out there making these fun patterns. All except the dog bone mat were new to me, and I had so much fun making them.




The fire hydrant is a little wonky, but I didn't want to put the plastic ring in the base in case her dog is a vigorous chewer (that would be an invitation to my boy dog to rip it apart to get to the ring inside), and since it's WW (and silver Glitterspun), it can't be blocked. But I don't think her dog will notice!


Thanks for checking it out! Patty

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