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  1. I love to crochet hats. I'll make and send to you as many as I can. I don't know about making 500 but I'll do my best. Could you please PM your full name and address? thanks
  2. Very nice afghan. I'm sure your cousin appreciated the effort and thought that went into it.
  3. Both of the shawls are just so beautiful!!
  4. Hi Beth, I've made sweaters for Knit for Kids in the past. I actually just sent them an email today because World Vision (I believe) has taken this over. I want to double check with them before making more sweaters. I will let you know what I hear.
  5. Wow! The blanket and hats look wonderful. I have the same book but haven't tried anything from it yet. You've inspired me to get that book back out.
  6. The afghans are just beautiful! I can't get over how nice they are. Karin
  7. Wow, the blanket looks great! Karin
  8. Very nice. What yarn did you use? Karin
  9. Hi everyone, I've made two dishclothes out of cotton "peppermint" yarn. The yarn is a varigate ranging from white to a deep red. I'm giving these as gifts and I'm worried that the red will bleed the first time she uses them. Does anyone have suggestions as to how to set the colors? Thanks
  10. Hi, I went to the project linus national website and I couldn't find any info about preemie blanket sizes. I know our local chapter accepts preemie blankets but I'm unsure of what size they like. You could look up your local chapter and see if that chapter has their own website. Maybe a contact email would be listed. As for favorite pattern, I can't say I really have one special one. I like trying a different pattern with each blanket. I can tell you that I don't like ones that have large holes in them. Also, I think its nice to use a pattern that is reversible. I just think tha
  11. Very nice. I like the color combination.
  12. Double pointed needles. You use them to knit in the round, like for socks, mittens, sleeves, hats. Ropergirl3, how much do you want for your dpns and what do you have?
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