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  1. those are soooo cute.. thank you for sharing with us.. I love your thoughtfulness on this gift for your friend.
  2. simply fantastic!! how did you do that???? do you have a pattern or ?? really neat..
  3. I love it all and absolutely adore the sunshine baby!!
  4. http://www.sarahanns.com/crochetworks/afgan.html is a rev. afghan.. it looks realy nice,, I made it a long time ago and this sounds like what you are looking for..
  5. This is such a great idea.. (Yaaa darski!!) I don't think anything exciting will be happenng around here, so, for sure would love to hang out with you guys.. I am working on a ripple so, I will call it my new years eve special lol maryann
  6. Brianna, I can't thank you enough for your excellent vidio's. They are so clear and I have learned so much from you this morning!!I have been trying to learn tunisan for a while and could not get a couple of the stitches.. The knit one especially.. by jove, I think I got it!! Thank you again XXX
  7. beautiful!!! I love the colors you used.. I will have to give this a try,,
  8. Mini!! What a great job you did, thank you for your hard work..the pages look wonderful!! Maryann
  9. great job.. very pretty colors
  10. Darski Darski Darski ... oh to be a little girl.. your little girl!! beautiful beautiful.. ~~maryann~~
  11. Thank you!! I love it.. (and your purse patten) I will be working on them later today!!! Maryann
  12. WOW, that is so pretty!! I am speachless.. it has to be the prettiest star blanket I have seen! great job on it.. ~~maryann~~
  13. gorgeous!!! I love the color. great job on it Maryann
  14. LOVE them all!!! what a great job!!! ~~maryann~~
  15. Monica!! that is gorgeous! I can hardly wait for the pattern. I better start looking for more yarn.. ~~maryann~~
  16. Monica, I think I may have contributed to that traffic.. I have made your pattern 7 times I love it. maryann
  17. there are a few pic's on post 75 and 76. there could be more but stopped loking after I found these for you
  18. maryann

    My Fall RR

    Good job!! I love this version of the RR. I have used it seven times!!!
  19. How neat is that!!!! I admire anyone that can imagine that design and do it!!! Maryann
  20. these would look so cute around a little teddy bears neck!! thanks for the pattern! ~~maryann~~
  21. what an adorable outfit!! how I wish I was that talented.. Your little model is awesome!! maryann
  22. You can tell you have a winner when we start hollaring... PATTERN PATTERN!!!!!! they are beautiful!!!!
  23. Very very pretty!! I love blue. and love grannies.. so this is a work of art to me..
  24. I also love your tables. please don't stop posting, we all look forward to seeing your beautiful creations..
  25. Thank you to Iwantsmore !!! Carol!! That was the family I was looking for..
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