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    Crocheting, rubber stamping, reading, outdoors, & spending time with my family.
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    Baby blankets, hats, doilies, hair scrunchies, & beaded socks.
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  1. I use to use the Comfort Grip Crochet grips, but recently I covered my hooks in polymer clay. I did a lot of searching and youtube watching to learn how. I now have B thru K covered in polymer clay and plan on doing all my steel hooks this weekend. Then I'll have to sew a new crochet hook case for them to fit in! My polymer clay hooks Size stamped in the end of the hooks
  2. Wow! It's beautiful! I have that book too, and this blanket is the reason I bought the book. I plan on starting it after I get 3 kid blankets made for Christmas presents. I love your youtube video of your progress!
  3. I would love to be entered! I love simply soft yarn.
  4. I'm half done with a girl baby blanket. Last night I started a green beanie, for a coworker's daughter - for a Halloween costume (green stem of a pumpkin). Plus in the next couple of days I'll make a hat for my daughter, she wants a lighter weight zebra hat.
  5. I voted 1 - 3. I like to finish a project, before starting another. Sometimes, I have a few projects going at once. Like now, I have 3. I'm working on a girl baby blanket for my cousin, but stopped to make my husband a Harry Potter scarf for his halloween costume. Plus I have a beanie in progress, since it's smaller for in the car & appts. than the baby blanket.
  6. When I'm unhappy or bored with a project, I stop working on it. If it's a blanket, I'll finish it off and donate it to the animal shelter. Other items, I usually frog and save the yarn to use for something else.
  7. Very pretty! I love the colors, the stitch, and the border. TFS!
  8. Very pretty! I love the colors and design. TFS!
  9. Very cute! It all looks great, especially the bunny!
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