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    Crocheting, rubber stamping, reading, outdoors, & spending time with my family.
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    Baby blankets, hats, doilies, hair scrunchies, & beaded socks.
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  1. I use to use the Comfort Grip Crochet grips, but recently I covered my hooks in polymer clay. I did a lot of searching and youtube watching to learn how. I now have B thru K covered in polymer clay and plan on doing all my steel hooks this weekend. Then I'll have to sew a new crochet hook case for them to fit in! My polymer clay hooks Size stamped in the end of the hooks
  2. I've been researching how to do these hooks too. I found this website that shows how to use the clay cane: http://themagpieknitter.com/?p=477. I made myself a crochet hook, with 4 colors together, like zebra stripes. I love crocheting with it. After the holidays I plan on ordering some clay cane from Etsy to make the beautiful flower handles. I've watch youtube videos on making the cane, but I'm not interested in spending THAT much time on making the hooks! I'd rather buy the cane.
  3. Wow! It's beautiful! I have that book too, and this blanket is the reason I bought the book. I plan on starting it after I get 3 kid blankets made for Christmas presents. I love your youtube video of your progress!
  4. I'm half done with a girl baby blanket. Last night I started a green beanie, for a coworker's daughter - for a Halloween costume (green stem of a pumpkin). Plus in the next couple of days I'll make a hat for my daughter, she wants a lighter weight zebra hat.
  5. I voted 1 - 3. I like to finish a project, before starting another. Sometimes, I have a few projects going at once. Like now, I have 3. I'm working on a girl baby blanket for my cousin, but stopped to make my husband a Harry Potter scarf for his halloween costume. Plus I have a beanie in progress, since it's smaller for in the car & appts. than the baby blanket.
  6. When I'm unhappy or bored with a project, I stop working on it. If it's a blanket, I'll finish it off and donate it to the animal shelter. Other items, I usually frog and save the yarn to use for something else.
  7. Very pretty! I love the colors, the stitch, and the border. TFS!
  8. Very pretty! I love the colors and design. TFS!
  9. Very cute! It all looks great, especially the bunny!
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