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  1. Too cute! Red is always hard to photograph IMO. I recognize that pattern too. It's in my pile to make some day.
  2. I like it! I made a couple beanies by request for a friend in Sea Hawks colors. I used a little different colors. I did Caron Simply soft too though. Love that yarn. I used navy blue, a neon green and a white. I forget the actual name of the colors. though.
  3. That's cute! I'm working on my first one right now. I'm just winging it though. I hope it turns out right.
  4. How cute! I wanted a Havaneze or a Yorkie and I can't remember the name of the third choice right now, but we ended up getting what DH wanted which is a Boston. He's sweet though so I don't mind.
  5. That's awesome to see teenage boys wearing them and loving them! They look great though. "chick magnets" LOL
  6. Why thank you. I try best at the photography. One day I will get a nice camera and can get better ones. But for now, I have kids. LOL
  7. I should have just posted the link huh? Sorry. In case you didn't find it here it is. http://www.rheatheylia.com/index.php?page=patterns&id=11
  8. This time I made myself a hat! Lattice Hat I found the pattern on Ravelry. I love this hat! I made one before for someone else and fell in love with the pattern. So After the holidays were over and my step kids went back home with their mom, I made myself a hat. I never make myself anything so this is a treat!
  9. Beautiful! That's the perfect yarn for that type of scarf.
  10. I made a scarf with that stitch. I love using it(the stitch)! I've made several blankets with it too. I like the hooded scarf though! The colors are a great match. I may have to try that edging with it one day.
  11. It's not a disaster if it still works! Looks great to me.
  12. 01buckler15


    I just finished the last one! I loved it!!! I want to try it with two colors though. I did mine solid. What pattern is the first one? I like it too.
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