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Save Cash - Use Your Stash Along!

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well....I got most of my stash from ebay at super cheap prices soo...if I use 2 cones of cotton thread that I got for $1.25 each that's only $2.50...doesn't feel much though :laughroll but I guess it does add up!!

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I love this idea. I have decided to use up the yarn in my stash. I have just ordered a bunch of pattern books! :P Hooks I don't really ever have an urge to buy but yarn and books are my downfall. Conquer the yarn first I think.:hook


I love your blog too. Did you do it yourself? You are really talented if you did. It is well set up.



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Wow - thank you everyone for the show of support! :cheer

I want to clarify something real quick: Save Cash ~ Use Your Stash is a team blog along - meaning it takes place on www.savecashuseyourstash.blogspot.com.


I wanted to make that clear, 'cause I know sometimes "alongs" are conducted right here on this board. :)


Karin4Christ: Thank you! It was one of those spur of the moment ideas - and I just went with it.


MVA: That's okay, spend lots of money on yarn and have a big o' loot of stash ready for Save Cash #2 in 2008! :lol


YarnDiva : Mmmmm...ebay....deals. :manyheart I'm a ghetto-yarn-hoarder, I roll with Red Heart ... which makes it easier in my mind to buy, buy, buy - and it does add up! :(


ChrochetingMama: Thanks! I think it will be. I have had the greatest luck with my previous & present "alongs" by having a great group of gals!


LauraStar: :hug


Mimi Mia: :yay So glad you joined!


LosingMyMind: Unable to evacuate the residence is a sure sign you have too much stash. ;)


ImperfectMe: How 'bout a yarn cottage? Yarn in every room, nook & cranny!


YarnyViolet: :yay Thanks for joining! Yes, I did do the blog graphics myself - thank you for the compliment. I have fun coming up with banners and web sites - and I like to give my "alongs" an unique look, so members feel that they are a part of something fun and creative. :)


So, Save Cash is really about using stash you have on hand for projects for this particular "along." I know we can't stop buying - 'cause then none of us will have any stash for Save Cash 2008! :D

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