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Yarn shop rudeness


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Interesting topic. I have quite a few high-end knitting-centric yarn stores here and most of them are so pretentious that I don't even feel comfortable in the store.


I used to look down my nose at crochet and I taught myself knitting because my Mom didn't knot but she did crochet. I went to all those snotty little shops and I never bought anything there because even as someone who was knitting they were usually so cold and the prices so exorbitant that I didn't want to waste my money there.


A new yarn shop opened a few months back and it's very comfortable. The people are nice and they don't criticize me for using their expensive yarn on crochet but they are helpful and encouraging. One of the owners actually remember my name when I went back the second time (it'd been almost two weeks between visits) and I was impressed with that.


Anyway, for those in the Bay Area, California --


Purlescence Yarns

586 South Murphy Ave.

Sunnyvale, CA 94086


I was encouraged to come to their knitting events and crochet because yarn lovers are all loved. I appreciated that. :)

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in reguards to the first post ...this is both written and visual proof men suffer from...............




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I know exactly the store you are talking about! They are just plain rude to everyone. I have been there a couple of times never even mentioned crocheting and they were just rude unkind people. I vowed never to go back.



You and Izzy should go stand infront of the store on the sidewalk and crochet. A silent protest of sorts!


Be sure your bags of yarn have another store's logo prominently displayed

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I have been in many yarn stores that mainly have knitting supplies and all the women have their nose up in the air. One didn't want to share a free knit pattern when I told her I could look at it and do the same thing in crochet.

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A knitting friend today told me about a wonderful new yarn shop nearby, and I learned from her that a co-owner is a crocheter. So I might check it out. My knitting friends and I both have experienced bad attitudes the minute we walked in the door from yarn shop proprietors and wonder how they expect us to buy anything or much less return to their shops after being treated shabbily. Is there something about selling yarn that produces this behavior?

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