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    crystal but i also go by chris or christy
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    physically challenged due to spina bifida. get round by wheelchair but why let it slow me down?
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    southern illinois
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    "try" to knit, LOVE to crochet, plastic canvas, cross stitch. also have a special interest in horses
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    happy mommy to several fur babies
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    small things:pothodlers, baby things granny squares
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    been crocheting since i was 10 or 11
  1. yet more updates....... im so numb right now......shortly before my hubby came home from work i found out my friend who was in ICU that they had removed life support friday passed away sometime this afternoon i know for sure i wont be able to go to the first service as it is all wednesday afternoon and i wont have a way to get there......second service hasnt been set as of now
  2. think i may call this week quits already! while on facebook i found out another friend of mine whom id grown up with (not the one in ICU passed away yesterday. an updaye on my frined in ICU.....they removed life support as of friday last week and as far as i know he is still with us
  3. welcome tp crochetville from southern illinois and congrsts on the lil one
  4. these last few days have not been too pleasant for me... last week (dont remember what day_ i found out a friend of mine whom id literally grown up with (2 houses apart) is in the ICU, eaten up with cancer, double pnemonia and an infection of unknown origin.....hes only 32! my BIL goes in tomorrow for a kidney biopsy.....possible cancer and me??? well.............ive been down since saturday evening with a really bad migraine...im takling lay in the dark head covered icepack etc etc etc. although im grateful it wasnt one of the realy bad ones i get sometime (ill spare ya the detail
  5. thanks to all who answered my question. and sue i totally understsnd! we"would just have to be creative in describing what you look like (an example might be "i have brown eyes like chocolate" i try to associate colors or scents
  6. this is totally off the subject of crochet. but its osomething ive wondered le.... say we were to actually meet some day..... would it bother you if i asked to feel your face to "see" what you look like?
  7. sue hugs from one furbaby momma to another
  8. sorry ive been scarce the last few days.......still waiting to get to the store to get batteries for my camera and HOPE thats the problem! after that watch out! LOL! i will definitely be posting my WIPs.....right now im surrunded in daisy centers
  9. i even brought my own chair and coffee mug (travel....cant be spillling gunk on my stuff) now may i ask has anybody here attempted a daisy square afghan or am i a glutton for punishment LOL
  10. ive been thinking about this CAL all day..is there any room for another crochet ADD person LOL! i have i think at least 10 afghans in various stages if doneness (is that a word?) i need serious motivation gals! ive got 2 almost 90% done!
  11. well ladies i prayed for positivity in the new year and i got it! THREE orders for lapghans and its not even the second week of January yet! i prayed things would start looking up fir my business and it did! i didnt really wanna close the door on Christys Creations but had seriously considered it if things didnt get any better.
  12. sherry i have the SBTs fort sale for 15.00
  13. welcome aboard happilymarried2005! i originally started ths threead as a tote CAL but since then its blossomed into a crochet anything thread LOL! so come pull up a chair and supplies and join in the fun......by the way were ALL addicted to turtlelvrs stash buster tote.........its on ravelry
  14. hey all! was goung to write a lomg post but didnt wanna bore everyone to sleep so....... hubby and i have both been sick brother in law is geting what hubby and i had over the last two weeksbrother in law had to get a new car battery (2 days after our trip to st louis!) we had to get a new satellite receiver (old one literally FRIED) and i cant reveal whom yet but a close family member is dealing with the real possibility of kidney cancer. masses on both kidneys. i can however say its not me hubby or the brother in law that lives with us
  15. melani since i only turned 38 on sunday ill let you adopt me as a lil sister.....how does that sound?
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