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  • Birthday 12/18/1973

A Few Things About Me

  • Real name
    crystal but i also go by chris or christy
  • Short bio
    physically challenged due to spina bifida. get round by wheelchair but why let it slow me down?
  • Location
    southern illinois
  • Hobbies
    "try" to knit, LOVE to crochet, plastic canvas, cross stitch. also have a special interest in horses
  • Occupation
    happy mommy to several fur babies
  • Favorite projects
    small things:pothodlers, baby things granny squares
  • Crocheting since...
    been crocheting since i was 10 or 11
  1. im about 45 minutes from carbondale....would liove to keep in touch with other fellow illinoisans
  2. im soon to be 37 (am 36 y 1m 3 w & 1 day atm) been crocheting since i was probably 12
  3. i was a rightie until 2006.....i was invilved in an auto accident and had whiplash and pinched nerve....learned to do everything left handed EXCEPT crochet (insert frustration here) anyhoo, i still crochet right handed BUT my ambidextrous (mainly left handed) hubby wants to learn how to crochet (again insert frustration)
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