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  1. How did you use many colors in the same row? Did you end and join or use a cross-over methoud?
  2. I cant figure out how to join the 2 rings and still crochet another row.
  3. I had this book once but I don't think the pattern was in it. But thats the same bear square.
  4. Does anyone know where this pattern came from and if it doesn't show I give up.
  5. Does anyone know where this pattern comes from?
  6. I was doing 3 dc down the sides but I didn't know what to do to keep the ends round. and to increase each row corectly. I never made one and I cant find a pattern for these afghan. I wish I could go around 4 times. I can only figure out how to do 3. I guess its called a granny mile a minute. When Im finished I bet I will Find the pattern in a book somewhere.
  7. Im having trouble doing the curved ends of this mile a minute afghan. on the Third and forth row is tricky. i dont know where to put the 3dc ch1 3dc or should there just be on set of 3 dc
  8. The one Im looking for has 3 double crochets down the strip but the confusing part are the 2 curved of 3 double crochets to keep it all a granny look.
  9. Im looking for a mile a munite granny pattern that goes around 3 or 4 times. Not granny squares. I never made one and I cant understand the curved ends. The edges look like 3dc ch1.
  10. Where would I find the pattern for this mile a munite? Its looks like a granny. I don't understand how the curved ends are done. Its hard to see them. Looks like its just 3dc ch1 across the edges I think. Never made one but I really wont to.
  11. Are they for washing in the tug or dishish? and did you use cotton yarn ? Can't wait to try them thay are so nice.
  12. Where did you find the pattern for the hat?
  13. I love how you did the toes is it your pattern?
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