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  1. That is really really cute...
  2. here is a few: reusing yarn like from an old sweater and making it into a scarf, teaching our young about crafts, interviewing people that are in the craft stores or local yarn shops (not the owners) and asking them what they enjoy most about the craft.
  3. lizzy

    Boomerang Afghan

    Your afgan is really really beautiful - you should enter it in a show.. Its really pretty
  4. I was in a yarn shop on Saturday with my mom that is on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City, California - we had never been to this one and thought we would swing by and see whats it is like. This place had tons of yarn, so much I was so excited and happy and overwhelmed.., but the owner and her hubby were not very welcoming and they did not have any prices on any of their yarn, I felt like an idiot everytime I found something I liked, I had to ask how much it was. Anyways, there was a Crocheted bag in a locked case on display, my mom really liked it and asked me if I could ask the owner if there was a pattern. Her reply was "there is no way she was going to sell the pattern unless I purchased the $500.00 hardware that was on the purse", she said it is a knock off of a Crocheted Ferragamo Bag that sells for $5,000. She acted like I insulted her and then her hubby informed me that I should be knitting because there are not many crochet patterns that are nice.....!!! Needless to say I left there unhappy and did not purchase anything because of their rudness. But lucky for me I found a pattern that looks exactly like the one she had all locked up like it was in prison from www.littleprojectscrafts.com it's the Celebrity Look-Alike Crocheted Bag by Josephine Woo - Thank you Josephine Woo :cheer:clap:c9
  5. that is really pretty. i need to make this
  6. your shawl is beautiful. The yarn really makes it pretty.
  7. I more question on your cute yellow purse, did you use the hook size required? I like how your purse came out bigger in your picture then on the pattern. and did you follow the pattern exact or make it bigger. yours is really cute.
  8. Your Yellow Purse came out cute. I like it. What are you going to line it with...
  9. you should log onto Diane Langan Designs and check out her patterns for a bolero or shrug - i have made a few of them and they are cute... i think her site is http://www.dianelangan.com
  10. lizzy

    Christmas gift.

    That is a really nice gift.
  11. i am not to familar with the computer language what does dh mean, i am going to tell you what i thought it meant, but i am pretty sure i am wrong I thought dh meant "dumb husband" but i am sure i am wrong or i also thought lol meant "lots of luck" i was just informed it means "laugh out loud"
  12. Has anyone seen the Sweater Bag pattern in the book Crochet That Fits? it is such a perfect bag for the winter.
  13. those colors together are stunning
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