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OK, I don't really belong on this thread but I USED to live in Reading Massachusetts (then Oak Bluffs).


If you ever decide to meet at Kitty's in North Reading I will make the trip from florida!!!


And if anyone wants to send me some REAL fried clams with the bellies I 'd appreciate it!

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Hi all

I'm from Cape Cod Ma..I saw some others from the cape, but they posted in 2006...I don't know if they are still here or I'm all alone..let me know if anyone is from the cape



what part of the Cape are you? I go to my MIL's place in South Yarmouth a lot in the good weather!


I used to attend St Charles school in Wouburn.


I also hung around the Wouburn Mall when it opened when I was in 5th grade!


Although I don't think I lived here yet when the mall opened, I spent my share of time there as well. My DH is from Woburn and graduated from Woburn High. Most of my friends are also from Woburn. When did you graduate?

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Hi  New to group and saw central MA crocheter's  I am  a senior  in Fitchburg  and there is a group of ladies who meet at our Library to knit,  crochet and chat  If you are in the area join us on Thurs afternoon at 1 pm   We meet in the garden room which is at the entrance to the Children's Library.

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