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  1. Thanks for the help. They turned out to be fine together. I'm doing A Drop In The Pond pattern, but am adding an extra diamond, on each side of the center. I'll post pictures later. Thanks for your help
  2. I am making an afghan for my nephew and his bride to be. I am doing it in Red Heart Shimmer in Peacock. I need 2 contrasting colors, so I was going to use the teal and royal or teal and purple. I can't get royal as it's discontinued. So I was wondering if I could use Caron Simply Soft instead. I think it would be a good match. What do you ladies think?
  3. It came in yesterday's mail, which I picked up today. Thanks again
  4. Nope, not the same. This is scallops that are put on top of one another. Done in strips of 5 repeat rows. I don't want to do one all blues and whites.
  5. I am looking for just the pattern. It's from Herrshner's and in a kit. I love it but don't like the colors. I want to make it for my nephew and his soon to be wife. I want to let them pick out, like 3 colors each and add a variegated as a contrast. Not sure what I am doing yet, but??? I did call Herrshner's and I can't get the pattern as it isn't in any book Thanks in advance Ellen
  6. Thank you ReniC. I am looking forward to having this eye done. Everything I look at from my left eye is gray and drab.
  7. I am making a baby RR in Aruban Sea, Ocean and Lilac. I have 6 rows left. A baby star in Mint, Mint, yellow, white,and lilac variegated and Lilac. About 12 rows left. Two scarves that are Pink and variegated. A baby granny square in Pink, Lilac, and a pink, lilac and green variegated. The last three are for a Breast Cancer Raffle at work. I'm trying to get as much done as possible, as I am having cataract surgery on Thursday
  8. Beautiful
  9. Hi Yarn dog, what part of Mass do you come from? I live in Rockland, been there for 56 years Welcome
  10. I did this pattern years ago. It was on a skein of Jamie baby yarn
  11. I bought a round ripple afghan kit from Herrshner's a few years ago. The yarn was Lighthouse Blues. No where in the description did it say 100% wool. The skeins were knotted and frayed. There were 3 skeins that had knots every 4 or 5 inches. I called to let them know about it, and the girl on the phone told me she had to charge me to ship 3 skeins. I said no, I wanted it shipped free as I already paid for shipping. She said no again. I got her supervisor, who shipped it free and gave me a gift card for my trouble
  12. I thought you wanted to give the yarn a first name. I was gonna say Harry
  13. Beautiful bag, Mary Jo
  14. So pretty, thanks for sharing
  15. Red, hate red. But am doing a star baby blanket with white, red & blue (team spirit), & red. It's the parents favorite color. I also have to make a scarf in red, white & black for my nephew. I love working with blues, teals, aquas, certain greens, purples, my favorite colors